Since the June 2020 update landed since the beginning of the month, we have been introduced to the latest pet in Free Fire named Falco. Although his name sounds close to "Falcon", the new falcon pet in Free Fire has his own name that is easily mistaken for the falcon bird.

Pets in Free Fire provide additional strength during a match that could prove vital in many situations. Free Fire new pet Falcon is no exception, as his unique ability gives a lot of tactical advantages. We will be explaining how the Free Fire Falcon pet helps you below.

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What is the new pet Falcon Free Fire like, what are his ability, additional skins, and did you know you can get this pet for free for doing almost nothing at all? Keep reading to find out more:

Falcon Pet in Free Fire - Details, Special Ability, Emotes, Skins, Free Pet

Free Fire Pet Falcon Special Ability

Every pet in the Free Fire has different abilities. Their abilities don't seem to provide a lot of major buffs, but in a tactical sense many of them are quite useful. The new pet in Free Fire Falcon is a good example of this.

falcon pet in free fire

Falco has a skill called Skyline Spree, which can increase the speed of gliding when skydiving and diving after the parachute opens. As Falco's level rises, its gliding rate will also increase. This means that at the highest level, your Survivor can enjoy super fast speed when getting off the plane.

The Free Fire new pet Falcon provides an advantage that is very useful for Rushers at the beginning of the match. When you get off the plane, you have to use the Parachute and determine the landing site first.

falcon pet in free fire

Here is where Falco really shines, as he can help you drop down faster after you have opened your parachute. As we know, winning at the beginning of the match depends on the drop and landing. If you are slow in choosing your drop point, your chances of winning will decrease.

Any player who wants to take early initiatives like Rushers would like the new Free Fire Falcon pet very much. Because if you go down faster, then you can your looting sooner, too. And if there's anyone who drops after you, you can quickly eliminate them.

In addition to increasing your speed when using a parachute, this pet will also expedite your movements when using a Glider. Although the Ranked Games are missing the Glider right now, so we hope that it can return soon.

Free Fire Pet Falcon Skins

Just like the skins of other pets at the beginning, there are currently only 2 skins that can be used for Falco. The first skin is the original one, while the skin that is dark green is called 'Evergreen Falco'.

falcon pet in free fire

Free Fire Pet Falcon Emote

Falco has 3 pet emotes which on average reflect the bravery of a predator bird. But among them there is a pretty cute emote called 'Play', where this Free Fire pet Falcon shows his bright side when leveling up.

Benefits of Using a Falcon Pet in Free Fire

Here are the 3 main advantages if you use a Falco as your pet:

  • Helps you land faster than others
  • If you are late in getting out of the plane, Falco can help you land quickly and catch up
  • Helps you to get closer to your destination in the littlest amount of time possible

Falcon Pet in Free Fire - How to Get Falcon for Free

And it is this new Falcon pet in Free Fire that Garena is giving you a chance to get for free, permanently. Recent social media updates from Garena Free Fire tell us that every one of us will have a chance to get it as a gift for doing almost nothing.

falcon pet in free fire

A new Free Fire event, called Beach Party will be taking place on Sunday, June 14. This event comes with beach and summer holiday-themed items and cosmetics, in case you haven't realized that it's already summer for most people in the Northern Hemisphere.

By simply logging into the game on June 14, players will be able to head to the game's event sector and claim not only Falco but also his emote, which will be available in the same gift pack. Play a game with friends on that same date and you get his Hellfire skin to give him a Phoenix-like look!

falcon pet in free fire

Don't forget that you can also play and collect Swim Rings by shooting sandcastles or getting them from airdrops to earn a male outfit bundle called 'Captain Bubbles', and participate in sharing Garena's link, which will be detailed soon, to get the female 'Cutie Bubbles' bundle.

falcon pet in free fire

Free Fire is gearing up for another summer event and will be a must-see with tons of gifts, rewards, and goals to complete. Here's the summary of the freebies we are getting for this event:


The only thing that is hotter than the summer sun is our Beach Party on June 14th. Lets mark on your calendar to not miss out any of our events:

Login on June 14th to get Free Pet FALCO
Play 1 match with Friends on June 14th to get HELLFIRE FALCO SKIN
Collect and Exchange Swim Rings from June 7th - 15th to get CAPTAIN BUBBLES BUNDLE
Share the Link from June 13th - 15th to get CAPTAIN BUBBLES BUNDLE


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