Pets are something very unlikely to be part of a battle royale, as it is possible for them to reveal the owners’ location. However, Free Fire decided to ignore that and add a pet system into the game. The pets are not there just for show – they can provide additional buffs with levels. New skins for pets also get unlocked with levels as well. In this guide, we would list out all the pets in PUBG Mobile and their abilities.

1 – Ottero


Ottero is an otter that wears headphones and hoodie. It gives the player a skill named Double Blubber, which allows players to regain EP every time they use a Med Kit or Treatment Gun. At level 5, the EP gained would be 50% of the HP heal. This pet is the best companion for healers.

2 – Poring


Poring is a living blob that grants a skill named Stitch and Patch. This skill increases the durability of the level 1 helmet and armor every few seconds – it also prevents the armor from getting destroyed. Max level would be even more effective. This pet is best for attackers.

3 – Robo


Robo is a spherical robot with cat ears. It gives the player a skill called Wall Enforcement, which increases the HP of Gloo Walls. If you use Gloo often, it is a great idea to bring Robo with you.

4 – Spirit Fox


This pet is a fox that gran the player and extra 4-7 HP when using a health pack. It is good for all types of players.

5 – Shiba


Shiba is a Japanese breed of dog. The little guy comes with an ability called Mushroom Sense, which would mark one mushroom on the map every 2.5 – 3 minutes. He is a decent choice for players who usually wander the map.

6 – Kitty


Kitty is just a simple cat – unlike Shiba, the little guy has no ability to speak of other than being cute.

7 – Mechanical Pup


A robotic dog without any skill whatsoever – along with kitty, this dog is a good choice for players who don’t need help on the battlefield.

8 – Night Panther


Night Panther is a robotic cat with the ability called Weight Training – which increases players’ inventory space by 15-30 at level 5. It is a great choice for hoarders who like to collect extra ammo and grenades.

9 – Detective Panda


This panda is actually pretty aggressive – it comes with a skill called Panda’s blessing which restores 4-7 HP for players after every kill. This is best for rusher who like to go into the midst of combat – 1 hp could make a difference.

10 – Falco


The newest addition to Free Fire’s pet roster. This Falcon’s Skyline Spree skill can increase the gliding and skydiving speed of players while they are in the air at the start of the game. Overall, it is best for players who love to land in hot spots – they would be able to land on the ground first.

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