Garena has constantly upgrading Free Fire with fresh new content for players to enjoy every month, with the main feature being the Elite Pass. In this article, we are going to showcase the upcoming Season 37 Elite Pass, scheduled for release on June 1, 2021.

1 - About the new bundles in Season 37 Elite Pass

The main bundle for this pass is a combination of black, blue and red (part of the eyes' animation). It is based on an "insane royalty" theme, with the name of the set being "crazy prince". As usual, the male bundle is the final tier - it can only be unlocked after collecting 225 Free Fire badges.

Bundles Season 37
Both sets follow the same structure, with the same hair and shoulder guard.

The female bundle is more or less the same theme, with the female character wearing a somewhat "evil" dress. The set is named "princess' atonement", and decorated with ornate spikes all over. This bundle is pretty easy to unlock comparing to the male one - you only need 50 badges. Despite that fact, it looks just as good.

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2 - Surfboard and Lootbox

The surfboard and lootbox are both designed after fairytale items. The board is super ornate, with golden details and blue crystals poking out on top. Its design is actually based on Cinderella's glass shoes. The lootbox is tamer - it is based on a music box with a couple dancing in the middle. They are available at 150 and 200 badges respectively.

lootbox and surfboard
Both items look very detailed. The lootbox has appeared in various western fairytales.

3 - Backpack

There are 3 levels for the backpack and they all have the same theme: a glowing glass shoe inside a crystal cage. This is probably another reference to the glass shoe in cinderella.

The level 3 backpack looks fairly elaborate.

4 - Gun skins and monster truck skin

The M1873 and the MP5 getting two new skins based on the Cinderella theme - there is an imprint of a shoe and clock on the body of both weapons. The Monster Truck skin looks super ornate, with all the metal parts turn into gold. There's also a lot of decorative patterns on its hood as well. The bonus stats of these two skins are not yet revealed.

Mp5 and backpack level 3
monster truck
Monster Truck and M1873 skin in Season 37 Elite Pass

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5 - Preorder bonus

The preorder bonus for this season pass is a special eye mask that turns the players' eye into a blood-red color. While this looks similar to the eyemasks of the male and female sets, it is actually a completely new item.

Preorder bonus
The preorder bonus in Season 37 Elite Pass actually looks better than both the eyemasks featured in-game.

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