There are so many things to buy and enjoy in Garena Free Fire. It can be overwhelming sometimes, just to get through them all. Whether to invest your money into character cosmetics or weapon skins is not easy to decide. However, what if we tell you there's another way to get both of those for cheap? Read on to our guide on all Elite Pass Badges in Free Fire to understand why the Elite Pass is the most profitable investment and how it works!

What is Free Fire Elite Pass?

The Elite Pass system was first introduced in Free Fire in June 2018, by the name of Kitsune. From there, the Elite Pass caught on and became a new tradition of the game. Basically, the Elite Pass is a system that rewards players for actively engaging in playing Free Fire. 

Elite Pass Symbol
Purchase the Elite Pass to unlock various rewards

In other words, survivors can start receiving various items as bonuses for making progress in the game. By purchasing the Elite Pass, players unlock access to exclusive missions that mark their progression in Free Fire. 

Also, the Elite Pass is also time-limited. Each Pass only lasts for a month before being replaced a new one at the beginning of the next month. And unlike other items that may come and go, then re-appear, rewards in the Elite Pass are exclusive. You can not acquire the bundles or skins after the Elite Pass concludes.

All Elite Pass Badges In Free Fire

What are Badges, how to earn them, and at which Badges will you receive a reward? Those are the three questions about FF all Elite Pass Badges that we will soon unveil.

Celestial Street
Earn Badges to claim more rewards

What are Free Fire Badges?

Badges are what you have to earn in order to get the rewards from the Elite Pass or the Elite Bundle. Also, the normal Pass requires players to reach a certain Badge for the free rewards.

Think of Badges as the levels of the Elite Pass. The higher the level, the better the rewards. One of the best ones to look for is the symbol or the avatar.

Elite Pass Rewards
The Elite Pass will reward players at certain Badges

Regarding Free Fire all Elite Pass Badge symbol, players can not acquire it in the game. Though every Elite Pass has a unique symbol, they're just meant to differentiate one from another.

Here are some of the symbols of Free Fire Elite Passes:

Free Fire Elite Pass Symbol
Free Fire Elite Pass - Death Penalty
Free Fire Anubis 2 Symbol
Free Fire Elite Pass - Anubis Legend II
Free Fire Elite Pass Forsaken Creed
Free Fire Elite Pass - Forsaken Creed

How to Earn Free Fire Badges?

To earn Elite Pass Badges and claim the rewards in Garena Free Fire, players have to purchase the Pass to unlock a series of missions. By completing these tasks, either daily or weekly, the system will level up your Badges.

Elite Pass Missions
Complete the missions to level up your Badge

Here are some of the most popular Elite Pass missions:

  • Play a certain number of games with friends/guildmates
  • Loot airdrop
  • Takedown enemies in any game mode
  • Get BOOYAH!

As you can see, the missions are pretty straightforward! You can easily claim your rewards just by completing them or even just for playing the game.

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On Which Badges Do You Receive Rewards?

On certain Badge levels, you're qualified to receive rewards from the system. If you pre-order the Elite Pass or purchase the Elite Pass bundle, you will have a 50 Badge heads-up start. That means you have 50 levels boost to complete the Elite Pass faster.

Free Fire Elite Pass Manic Circus Rewards
The new Elite Pass is here at Garena Free Fire!

For every 5 Elite Pass Badge levels, you get a reward. However, not all of them come with the same value. Some are more indeed desirable than others.

You will receive the big rewards upon reaching the following Badges in Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire All Elite Badge List:

There are 250 Badges in Garena Free Fire. Upon finishing the Pass, you will receive a themed lot box. It's applicable for Free Fire all season Badge list with symbols.

  • 0 Badges
  • 10 Badges
  • 15 Badges
  • 30 Badges
  • 40 Badges
  • 50 Badges
  • 80 Badges
  • 100 Badges
  • 115 Badges
  • 125 Badges
  • 135 Badges
  • 50 Badges
  • 200 Badges
  • 225 Badges
  • 250 Badges
Free Fire Elite Pass Manic Circus
Upon finishing the Pass, you get a themed lot box

Why Should You Buy The Elite Pass?

We always recommend Free Fire players to purchase the Elite Pass for the benefits. The number of rewards you get for just 499 Diamonds is simply unparallel in the game. A single skin in the shop costs hundreds of Diamonds already.

Not to mention that the Elite Pass offers exclusive themed rewards. Once the Pass ends, it is gone, you cannot obtain the bundles or skins from any sources else. In case you have limited budget, refer to some ways to get free Free Fire diamonds in 2021.

Spectre Squad Pre Order
We always recommend buying the Elite Pass.

Therefore, if you have about 500 Free Fire Diamonds to spend somewhere, put them on an Elite Pass. It's a small investment for a big return. You can also use the Elite Pass as an incentive to encourage yourself to win more games!

That's everything you need to know about all Elite Pass Badges in Free Fire. For more articles like this, hop on over to our website at

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