The parent company of Garena Free Fire, Sea Limited, has just taken a big step to help India dealing with the horrible wave of the COVID-19 virus that is sweeping across the country. Sea Limited is donating 1000 cylinders of oxygen to support India in the fight against COVID-19.

Free Fire's Owner Support India With 1000 Oxygen Cylinders To Fight COVID-19

The announcement came through the office Twitter of Free Fire India and it says:

"Garena stands with India in the fight against COVID."

The post comes with a picture with this message:

"To all our frontline workers across India this May Day, thank you for your selfless dedication and courage. Sea is donating 1000 cylinders of oxygen, and we are committed to supporting you in this fight against COVID. We stand with you in this time of need."

India Covid Donate
Sea Limited, the parent company of Garena Free Fire, is supporting India with 100 oxygen cylinders

This donation is going to save a lot of people as the pandemic is getting out of control in India.

Sea Limited is a Singapore company that owns multiple businesses, including Garena Free Fire, the most popular mobile game in the world.

About COVID 19 in India

India has just a second huge outbreak with hundreds of thousands of new cases every day and it is getting worse. The number of new cases has just hit 400,000. The total number of COVID-19 cases has reached 19 million.

Covid India
The second COVID-19 outbreak in India is getting worse and worse

The medical system in India is overloading because there are too many patients and they need all the help they can get. Many areas in the country are providing vaccines to people, but the number is limited.

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