In the Free Fire OB27 update, Wukong had his ability reworked and he now has one of the best active abilities in the game. The cooldown of his skill is reduced while the duration of the skill is increased. Moreover, whenever Wukong gets a kill, the skill will be reset.

Apart from combining with other characters, using the right pet will also help you utilize the skill of Wukong better. In this article, we will show you the top 3 pets in Free Fire to pair with Wukong.

1. Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor's skill can create a Gloo Wall for you every 100 seconds if you are having less than 2 Gloo Wall in your inventory. With the Gloo Wall provided by Mr. Waggor, you will have an alternative defensive option when your skill is on cooldown.

Mr Waggor 88cd
Mr. Waggor can generate Gloo Wall, one of the best items to have in Free Fire.

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2. Rockie

Rockie's skill can reduce the cooldown of your active ability by 15%. The cooldown of Wukong's skill is 150 seconds at the max level. While it will reset when you get a kill, sometimes you will have to use it to just survive. With Rookie, the cooldown of Wukong's skill will be reduced to 127 seconds.

Rookie Free Fire
Rookie's skill is very useful for characters who have long cooldown active abilities

3. Panda

Panda is one of the best pets in Free Fire for aggressive players as his skill will heal you for 10Hp after each kill. So after each kill, on top of resetting Wukong's skill, you will get 10 HP as well. With Panda and Wukong, you can be more confident facing multiple enemies continuously.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda is one of the most favorite companions in Free Fire for rusher players

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