Hayato Awaken has risen to be one of the best characters in Free Fire in the OB27 update as his Awaken skill is changed into a passive skill and merged with his original skill. Now, you will gain both armor penetration and frontal damage reduction when your HP gets lower.

In this article, we are going to show you the 5 best characters in Free Fire for you to combo with Hayato Awaken.

1. Antonio

Antonio is one of the best free-to-play characters in Free Fire. You can buy Antonio in the in-game store for only 8,000 Gold.

His skill will give you 35 Max HP at the start of the match. With more max HP, you can make use of Hayato's skill while still staying pretty healthy. With Antonio, at 200 HP, you will have 20% armor penetration and 7 % frontal damage reduction.

Antonio Free Fire
Antonio can give you 35 Max HP at the start of the match.

2. Jota

Hayato Awaken is one of the best characters for rusher players and so do Jota. Jota's skill will heal you for 40 HP instantly whenever you get skill with a shotgun or SMG. Jota will keep your HP high after every encounter so you can face multiple enemies continuously.

Jota Free Fire
Jota is another ideal option to combo with Hayato in Free Fire.

3. K

K is still the best character with a healing ability in Free Fire. His skill allows him to generate EP or consume EP at a faster rate.

Free Fire Captain Booyah Character
K is still the best healing character in Free Fire.

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4. Wolfrahh

Wolfrahh is one of the most unique characters in Free Fire. His skill is based on the number of viewers and kills he has. He can reduce damage to your head by up to 25% and increase up to  20% damage to the enemy's limb. It is quite easy to make Wolfrahh's skill works you are a rusher and his skill will prevent you from getting burst down too fast.

Free Fire Wolfrahh
Wolfrahh's ability to work well with Hayato Awaken

5. Alok

Alok got a slight change in the OB27 update. His skill now has a shorter duration but it will heal you more. The total amount of healing stays the same. With a shorter duration, you will need to use his skill more carefully. But since the healing rate is increased, it is now much more powerful during combat, which is perfect for Hayato.

Dj Alok
Alok's healing rate is increased in the OB27 update

Above are top 5 characters of best combo with Hayato Awaken in Free Fire after the OB27 update.

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