Free Fire is the most popular mobile battle royale in the world with hundreds of millions of players. The game release new event frequently to give players new fresh content and free rewards.

Free Fire just announced on their social media that Ramadan in-game events are coming to celebrate the Ramadan festival. Let's check out what this event will bring us.

Free Fire Ramadan
Ramadan events are coming to Free Fire with many free rewards and cool activities.

Free Fire Ramadan Event

To celebrate the Ramadan festival in India, Free Fire is going to host a Ramadan event in the game with many new skins, including many gun skin, Gloo Wall skins, Grenade skins, and a free Magic Cube for all players.

According to leaks, players will be able to find event tokens while playing the game. Players can then exchange these tokens for rewards in the event. As for the Magic Cube, it seems that players will be able to get it by log in to the game during the event.

Free Fire Ramadan
Players will be able to get a Magic Cube for free in the event
Free Fire Ramadan Skins
Players will be able to exchange event tokens for rewards

The Free Fire Ramadan event has already started in the MENA region. However, there is still no official date for this event in India yet. But consider that Ramadan will end on May 12, it the event should come very soon in a few days.

Those rewards above are leaked from the MENA server of Free Fire and they might be changed when the event hit the India server.

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