Apart from a vast range of characters with variable abilities, Free Fire Pets is also a unique feature of the game which signifies it from other games of the same genre. While each pet has a different skill, here are the 5 most worthy pets in Free Fire in 2021 that can give you extra advantage in the game.

Free Fire New Pet Mr Wagger 2

1. Mr. Wagger

Since being released in 2020, Mr. Wagger the penguin has always been the most sought-after pet in Free Fire. Having Mr. Wagger as a company, players can get free Gloo Grenade every 100-120 seconds. With more Gloo Grenades, they can deploy Gloo Wall to get covered and make it easier to attack enemies.

Mr. Wagger pet is available in the in-game store at 699 diamonds.

Detective Panda Free Fire

2. Detective Panda

Detective Panda is sealed with a Panda’s Blessing skill which helps players to gain more HP for each kill. This pet makes the best company for characters like Alok, Kapella or Jota.

Falco Free Fire

3. Falco

The mighty eagle can help to increase both the gliding speed and the parachute diving speed of the entire squad by up to 49%. With his special ability, you have the advantage of being the first one to land and save more time to find the best weapons. It’s ability can be applied to the whole team which is also a huge benefit especially when you play in the Clash Squad Mode and Ranked Mode

Ottero Free Fire Pets

4. Ottero

This chubby guinea pig can help restore EP up to 50% when using Med Kit or Treatment Gun. This helps players stay longer on the map.

Pet Beaston

5. Beaston

Being the latest pet to be added in the game, Beaston pet can increase the throwing range of weapons by up to 30%. Therefore, players can give you damage when using explosive weapons like grenades or flashbag.

Apart from getting Free Fire pets from the in-game store, you can also obtain them by attending events. At the moment, there are no on-going events which giveaway free pet. Stay tuned with Gurugamer.com for updates on Free Fire upcoming events in the future.

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