Valentine's Day is just around the corner. However, the day of love is celebrated not only by couples. Even when you’re single, you still stand a chance to win sweet rewards from Free Fire just by taking part in the Free Fire Valentine Wish. Keep scrolling down to know more details about the event.

Free Fire Valentine
Scroll down to find all the important information about Free Fire latest event for this Valentine's Day and how to get sweet rewards at a super cheap price!

Free Fire Valentine Wish: Event details

While chocolate and flowers are the two most popular gifts on Valentine's Day, in Free Fire, players can win more adorable and sweet rewards like bundles, emotes, gun skins in Valentine theme. Here are some of the biggest rewards you will get in this event:

  • Sweetheart Cupid Bundle
  • Heartbreak Cupid Bundle
  • Heartthrob Bunddle
  • Flowers of Love Emote
  • I Heart You Emote
  • SCAR Cupid Gunskin
  • AK47-Valentine Gunskin

In addition to that, there are also many weapon boxes, Vouchers and other rewards to be obtained.

Free Fire Valentine Wish

To get the item you want, players will need to choose their favorite items and make a wish on it. Each wish being made will cost 20 diamonds while you will get 1 wish as a bonus for purchasing 10 wishes. As you do not stand a 100% chance of winning your dream item with just a single wish, an 11 wishes package will grant you exactly the one you need in addition to 10 other items.

If you're girlfriend/boyfriend is also a fan of the game,  it's will a great ideal to have a matching outfit or having him/her in your lobby posing in Valentine emote. However, being single is also not that bad as these stunning and sweet rewards can make your Valentine's day much more interesting.

Apart from the Free Fire Valentine Wish event will be made available in the game from 8-14th February. It's time to open the game and make your wishes as soon as possible!

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