Being added to the game in the middle of 2020, the Airship in Free Fire offers a special loot crate that can give you a lot of valuable items. However, as it can be only found roaming over the sky, it’s challenging to reach the special flying object. In fact, it’s not that hard to get your hands on the airship in Free Fire. Check out the simple tips and tricks on how to climb airship in Free Fire to be the first one to obtain the treasure.

Free Fire Airship
Climbing an airship in Free Fire is not as challenging as you may think

What is Airship in Free Fire

Apart from looting on the ground, Free Fire players can also loot in the Airship. The giant airship delivers a lot of valuable items like weapons, ammo, and grenades so whoever get there will have a huge advantage in the game.

The airship will be spawn randomly on the map and flying around on the above. Given the fact that it can only be found at an unreachable height, not many players know the trick to climb on airships in Free Fire. However, you can nail it with ease just by using some common tools. Keep scrolling down for more instruction.

How To Climb On Airship In Free Fire
An airship can be reached easily with a glider

How to climb airship in Free Fire

First thing first, you need to spot the location of the airship by finding the green airship icon on the map. As it keeps on moving, you need to head to the surrounding location as fast as possible.

You can reach the airship by using the glider and launch pad (if any). However, you will need to reach a certain height to deploy this flying vehicle. There are several ways to make it possible like:

  • Climbing onto the top of a high building near the airship
  • Climbing onto the peak of the mountain
  • Use a launchpad

After launching the glider, all you need to do is to make it move in the correct direction. Once getting close to the Airship, get ready to take a jump and loot everything you find on the airplane.

Check out the video below for clear instruction before practicing the trick in the next battle!

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