In chaotic battles of Free Fire, being covered is the key to survive till the end of the game. While you can use a building, tree, vehicle as a cover, there are times you will need to use a logo wall to stay safe from the enemy’s gun. In addition to that, this item also gives you huge advantages in different ways. Today, we will introduce how to get unlimited Gloo Wall in Free Fire and everything you need to know about this item.

Gloo Wall Free Fire
Getting unlimited Gloo Wall can help players to lead the game with ease

As of being a powerful item that provides players a huge advantage, the number of Gloo Wall Grenades in Free Fire is limited. The item can be looted around the top building at the end of the map in a small quantity. In addition to that, you can only deploy a maximum of 3 Gloo Wall at the same time. Once you launch more than that, older items will disappear immediately. However, as the more Gloo Grenades you have, the better it is, having unlimited Gloo Wall has always been the dream of all players.

The fastest trick is using the Training Mode in Free Fire. However, to get unlimited Gloo Wall in other modes, cheating with Free Fire mods is the only resort. In addition to that, there are also some legit methods to get unlimited Gloo Wall in other modes like using the Wagger pet or looting the airship. Check out the detailed instruction of all the methods right below:

1. Get unlimited Gloo Wall in Training Mode

The easiest way to get unlimited Gloo Wall in Free Fire without cheating is by playing in the training mode. This mode is specially designed for beginners who learn how to get familiar with the game features. Here is how to enter the training mode in Free Fire:

  • Open the home screen of the game, tap the Start button to see all the modes available
  • Tap on the small “Training” button under the left bottom.
  • Play in the Training Mode and tap the Gloo Wall button to deploy unlimited Gloo Wall

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How To Get Unlimited Gloo Wall In Free Fire Traini
Free Fire MOD is the best answer to the question of how to get free gloo wall skin in free fire 2021

2. Get unlimited Gloo Wall with MODs

Free Fire MOD has been well-known as one of the fastest and easiest tools to get all features in Free Fire unlocked. Apart from having unlimited diamonds, HP, automatic headshot, wall hacks and many other cheats, Free Fire MOD also allows players to get unlimited Gloo Wall, as well as all Gloo Wall, skins unlocked.

While the Free Fire MOD APK can be found easily on the internet, please note that this MOD version goes against Garena Free Fire’s policy and terms of service. It means that this cheating method can lead you to unexpected punishment like a temporary or even permanent ban.

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Mr Waggor 88cd

3. Get Gloo Wall with Waggor pet

Being one of the most popular pets in Free Fire, Mr. Waggor the penguin has a special ability that helps players to produce Gloo Grenade after an amount of time. The higher level you get, the faster grenades will come. At the maximum level, players can get one Gloo Wall Grenade after every 180 seconds. It means that you can have around 6 or 7 more grenades during a 10-minute flight.

Although you cannot have unlimited Gloo Walls, this is a safe and useful method to have more and more Gloo Wall in the game.

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Free Fire Airship Trick

4. Get Gloo Wall from Airship

Being one of the unique features in Free Fire, Airship is a flying object containing a lot of valuable tools and items from grenades, weapons, and ammo. By approaching an airship, players can get more Gloo Grenades to rock the game.

The airship can be found floating randomly on the map. You can detect it as a small green icon. To jump on a flying airship, players will need to climb to the top of the hill or the nearest building and launch their glider towards the flying object.

Check out the following video for more details about how to climb an airship in Free Fire to loot Gloo Wall Grenades and many other valuable items!

Above are some helpful tips and tricks on How to get unlimited Gloo Wall in Free Fire. Hope that you've sorted out the most suitable ways to get endless Gloo Wall grenades and be the winner of every battle.

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