Apart from having a vast range of characters, Free Fire also has plenty of pets to accompany the character during the fights. Apart from having a cool and offbeat appearance, these pets also have special abilities that support the players in taking advantage of the game. So what character is the most suitable for Beaston's pet? Keep scrolling down for the answer right below!

Beaston Pet Alvaro Companion
This is the best character choice for the pet Beaston. Scroll down to know why!

About Free Fire Beaston Pet

Being the latest pet to be launched in Free Fire, Beaston pet (also known as Baboon pet), turns head not only for his unconventional look but also an amazing ability.

As Beaston Pet has been made available on the in-game store with a super lucrative offer, players can now make a purchase of this giant monkey to have him as your companion and receive the Beaston Glacier Skin for free.

Coming to the game with the Helping Hand skill, the giant baboo with his strong arms and increase the distance of throwing weapons like smoke, grenades, or flashbag by up to 30% percent. This will give the player a huge advantage in the game as you can give more damage to enemies without getting too close to them.

Alvaro Free Fire 1024x576

Alvaro - The best companion to Beaston pet

As each character in Free Fire also has a unique skill, picking a suitable pair of characters - pet to complete each other is the first thing a pro player should consider before entering the game.

A tactical player who prefers to use explosive weapons would like to choose Beaston and Alvaro character as the perfect couple. There is no doubt that Alvaro is the best character to make the best out of Beaston's pet and vice versa.

Being a wild and skilled demolitionist, this character has a special ability called Art of Demolition with which he can boost the range and damage of explosive weapons by 6-16%. Given the fact that Beaston can increase the throwing range, this couple is just enough for you to leave enemies in a panic.

If you're already own Alvaro character, having a Beason pet along side in the battle is the smartest choice. Go ahead and try it on your own!

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