Free Fire introduces a big patch periodically every 2 months with many new features, changes, new skins, pets, characters,... Before the patch comes to live servers, Free Fire opens an Advance Server with the patch on it and lets players test out the patch before hands.

Free Fire Ob28 Advance Server Registration
Free Fire OB28 Advance Server is coming to Free Fire soon

Apart from testing out the new patch, players can also receive thousands of Diamonds for reporting bugs to Free Fire. Only a limited number of players will be chosen to join the Free Fire Advance Server.

The next update of Free Fire will be the OB28 update. In this article, we are going to show you the expected Free Fire OB28 Advance Server release date along with its details and a step-by-step guide on how to join it.

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server Release Date

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server release date is expected to be on May 26, two weeks before the OB28 update Free Fire release date. which is expected to go live on the main server on June 9. The Free Fire OB28 Advance Server will be open for a week for the selected players to test out the new update.

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server Leaks Details

As usual, the OB28 update will be a huge patch with many new updates, including new characters, pets, features. Here is all the leak detail about the upcoming OB28 update in Free Fire.

New Character Snowelle

We might be able to see a new Free Fire character named Snowelle in the OB28 update in Free Fire. This character has been leaked a while ago. She is a scientist who works on creating android. She was one of the people who created A124 and she was also the person who released A124 from the lab.

Free Fire Snowelle Character
Snowelle can prevent the enemy from using active abilities and healing.

Snowelle's ability is called Nano Nerves. It is an active ability. When activated the players who got shot by Snowelle won't be able to use their active ability as well as converting their EP into health.

New Character Sverr

Sverr is also another character that might come to Free Fire OB28 update. He was a successful MMA fighter. However, he got disqualified from many leagues because he was too violent. He flew to Thailand to fight Kla once but he lost the fight.

Free Fire Sverr
Sverr has an active ability that can give you a big damage boost

Sverr's ability is Berserk. This is an active ability that allows Sverr to consumes 30 HP to trade for 20% damage. Compare to Hayato, a character with somewhat similar ability, Sverr is actually stronger as you can activate it whenever you want.

New Vehicle Boat

So far Free Fire hasn't got any vehicle to travel on water. This might change in the upcoming update with a new Boat vehicle. The vehicle will only available on Purgatory and Kalahari map. It will not be in Bermuda because the area has too little water area.

New Pet

Free Fire always releases a new pet in these big updates. However, we haven't got any new information about this new pet so far. We will update as soon as there is new information/leak.

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How To Join Free Fire OB28 Advance Server

The Free Fire OB28 Advance Server will be open for only a limited number of players who registered through teir website. Here is a step by step guide on how to register for the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server:

  • Go to the official registration page of Free Fire OB28 Advanced Server. The registration hasn't started yet, not until May 26.
  • You must log in to the website using your Free Fire account and your account must be bound with a Facebook account.
  • After logging in, you need to fill in your email, phone number, name and submit it.
  • You will be shown the download link of the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server APK file. Download and install it on your phone.
Free Fire Ob28 Advance Server Download
You can download the APK file after filling in your information.
  • If you are chosen, you will get a confirmation email from Free Fire with a one-time activation code to log in to Free Fire OB28 Advance Server.

The Free Fire OB28 Advance Server APK is a different app from the official Free Fire app. You need the one-time activation code from Free Fire to log in. You will be played with other chosen players in the Advance Server.

Rewards Advance Server
Free Fire OB28 Advance Server Reward

If you find any bug or improvement that needs to be made, you can report it to Free Fire. The more you can help improving the patch, more the more Diamonds you can get.

Above is everything about the latest OB28 update Free Fire release date and new changes. We will update more information if have in our next posts.

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