With the latest update, Wukong is now one of the hottest characters in Free Fire OB27. With a useful active ability for rusher players, you will see Wukong in almost every game now, including both Clash Squad and Battle.

However, while lots of people are playing Wukong right now, not many players fully understand everything about Wukong. In this article, we will show you 5 interesting facts you might not know about Wukong Free Fire.

1. First Active Skill Character

When Free Fire first introduced the character system, they only had characters with passive abilities such as Kelly, Andrew, Olivia,... Wukong was the first character in Free Fire with an active ability. That was probably also why he had a 300 seconds cooldown for his skill.

Wukong Free Fire
Wukong was the first character in Free Fire with an active ability

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2. Unique Cooldown Time

Wukong's ability has a 150 seconds cooldown at the max level. However, the ability also has an additional feature that will reset the cooldown if you get a kill. Essentially, you can use Wukong over and over again to take down enemies. This is why Wukong is such a good character for players who has an aggressive playstyle with close-range weapons now.

Free Fire New Wukong Ability
Wukong's ability will reset after each kill

3. Eliminate Auto Aim

Wukong's ability only says that it will turn you a bush and doesn't explain anything further. Apart from hiding yourself, turning into a bush will disable the enemy's auto-aim on you. Pretty much all Free Fire players use the auto-aim feature so it will be much harder for them to hit you without it.

Wukong Ability
Wukong will can still take damage in bush form

That being said, the enemy can still counter Wukong if they have a really good aim.

4. Different Map Different Grass Color

As mentioned, Wukong's ability will turn you into a bush. But this bush will not always a green bush. It will change its shape and color based on the map you are playing. If you are playing on Kalahari, you will turn into a dry brown bush.

 Wukong bush
Wukong will turn into the different bush in different maps

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5. Skills cannot be used when Squatting

This is an important note that all Wukong Free Fire players need to know or they will die not knowing why. You can only use Wukong's ability while standing. If you are crouching or prone, the ability won't activate. Always keeps this in mind so you won't die in a silly way, trying to active Wukong's ability while crouching or prone.

Wukong Free Fie
Don't go prone or crouch if you are playing Wukong.

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