In Free Fire or any shooters in general, the one who shoots first gets the advantage. If you managed to catch your opponent off-guard, your chance to kill would be much higher, even if you have a weak weapon like a pistol.

Even the best Free Fire pro player could be beaten when shot in the back. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 tips and tricks to catch your enemies off guard in Free Fire.

1 - Get the initiative

You need to land as fast as possible at the beginning. Don't waste your time dawdle around and grab the nearest weapon as fast as possible. Afterward, you can take your time hunting for enemies who arrive late to the party.

Snipe unsuspecting enemies

This work at any phase of the match - just rush to the objective first (like the next safe zone, for example) and camp for unsuspecting enemies.

2 - Scout your surroundings

It is very important that you are aware of the various points of interest and enemies in your area. Only by scouting could you avoid enemy ambushes. If you are going to move around a corner, it is best to wait behind a wall and look beyond it using the third person perspective first.

3rd person perspective
Use 3rd person perspective to scout.

Scopes are also really useful for this purpose - you can use them to scout much further than usual.

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3 - Listen to the sound around you

Sound is a great clue to detect enemies. Everything in Free Fire creates a sound - from vehicles to shooting and even walking. If you are able to pick this up with your headphone, it is possible to detect the general location of your foes and deal with them appropriately.

Headphones are important to catch your enemies off guard in Free Fire.

4 - Use vantage points

Higher grounds are usually underestimated in shooters, and Free Fire is not an exception. Because of this, you should get to the nearest high ground (top of structures or hills) if you managed to pick up a suitable gun (like SRs or ARs).

Free Fire Kalahari Map
A vantage point on the Kalahari map

The high ground would give you unrestricted vision over covers - enemies would no longer be able to use covers to hide from your attacks. You can also avoid attacks by crouch or prone - your profile on the high ground would be smaller and harder to hit.

5 - Don’t hesitate to run away

If you failed to kill your enemies in the first few shots and they are firing back, it might be a good idea to retreat. In a 1 vs 1 firefight, it could go either way and that is a risk you should not take. A lot of people get drawn into the battle too much and get ambushed by another enemy from their blind spot.

A Gloo Grenade is a good way to create a cover for retreating. Chrono's ability might also be useful in this situation.

Gloo Wall
Just throw down a Gloo Wall then run away is an option

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