The character system in Free Fire is what makes the game stand out from other mobile battle royale titles. There are currently more than 40 characters in Free Fire, each with a unique ability and backstory that tied together in the Free Fire universe.

Free Fire Characters
Free Fire has more than 40 different characters with different backstories

Each character has their story of how they join the dealy battle royale battle in Free Fire and most of them are not very happy. In this article, we are going to take a look at the 5 Free Fire characters in Free Fire with the most tragic backstories.

1. Hayato

Hayato was born into a large samurai family, the Shimada family. The Shimada family is a respectable, powerful family in the Free Fire world. The Samurai's Garden in Bermuda Remastered was where they used to stay until a tragic event happened.

Hayato Firebrand Free Fire Official Story 0 27 Scr
Hayato's family possessed a curse that gives them power while at the same time drive them insane.

They have a curse that passes on generations, a curse that gives them power while at the same time make them lose their mind. Hayato's father has a twin brother. One day, the curse caused the twin brother to go mad and fight Hayato's father to the death. The Shimada family broke apart since then, scattering around the world.

2. Antonio

Antonio, the Mad Gangster, was an orphan kid. He was kidnapped and raised by a criminal overlord. This Free Fire character grew up with violence as the answer for everything. He was taught by the criminal overlord to become a strong fighter and a gangster.

Antonio Free Fire
Antonio has been living with violence ever since he was a kid.

As Antonio has been fighting his way to live throughout his life, he thinks that if you have nothing in your hands, you must stand up and fight for yourself because no one would care about you. One day, after a bloody gang fight, Antonio was approached by a mysterious man.

He offered Antonio a huge amount of money to do the dirty work for them. Several weeks later, the news reported that Anonito has been caught in a fight between 2 gangs that caused hundreds of deaths. Antonio was sentenced to 7 years before a mysterious organization bought him out to fight in Bermuda.

3. Paloma

Paloma was actually a daughter of a rich family, but it doesn't mean her life was easy. Her parent was killed when she was still very young, making her one of the Free Fire characters with most tragic background. She became an orphan and was raised by an evil dictator. As time went by, she slowly got deeper and deeper into the underworld. She is now a beauty queen and an infamous arms dealer.

Paloma became an arms dealer to find the person who killed her parents.

She never talked about her tragic past to anyone. In fact, the reason she got involved in the underworld was to looking for the person who killed her parent. In a business with a mysterious organization, she kidnapped Misha and Kelly but then Maxim interrupted her and crashed her plane. Since Paloma failed her mission, she was capture by the organization and brought to Bermuda.

4. Miguel

Miguel was a childhood friend of Paloma. He even got injured for protecting Paloma from thugs in the past. They even dated at some points. However, they start growing apart as Paloma got herself deeper into the underworld while Miguel became a special agent in the special force.

Free Fire Miguel
Miguel found out that it was Paloma who made him failed his mission.

Miguel and his team were among the best ones. However, during a mission investigating, his team got betrayed and he was the only survivor.

Later on, Miguel found out that Paloma was the one who leaked the Special Force document that caused his team to fail the mission. Knowing that Miguel is determined to go on an investigation to find the truth behind all of this.

5. Notora

Notora is known as the queen of the underground racing world in Free Fire. She has been on the wheel since she was just a baby, literally. Raised by a biker gang, it is the only family she knows. She racing, robbing banks, and fighting with them growing up. She is the best racer and she easily won every racing tournament.

Notora has been living with a biker gang ever since she was born.

However, one day, her gang got into a huge fight with other gangs and they were all killed, except for Notora. She was spared, but they captured her and brought her to Bermuda to fight. Notora hasn't given up on her hope yet. She swears that she will make it out of this island and find revenge on her family.

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