Free Fire's character system is what makes the game stand out from other mobile battle royale titles. By knowing which characters and combo to use in Free Fire will give you a great advantage over other players and get more Booyah!

In this article, we will show you the top 5 Free Fire characters in the OB27 update that can be used in any combo.

5. Shirou

Shirou is currently being used a lot by pro players as a replacement for Moco. His skill not only marks the enemy but also gives the player 100 armor penetration in the next shot. This gives Shirou the potential to one-shot the enemy with a sniper or shotgun easily. Shirou's skill actually almost got nerfed to 35% armor penetration in OB27 update and that shows how powerful he is.

Shirou Free Fire
Shirou is a great character to replace Moco

Also, Shirou was given for free when he was released so most players should have him now.

4. Alok

Alok has been one of the best characters in Free Fire and he even stronger now with his skill reworked. Alok's skill only has a 5 seconds duration now, but the healing rate of the skill is increased to 10HP/s. The cooldown of the skill is also reduced. With the mobility and strong healing power of Alok, you can just fit him into any combo.

Dj Alok
DJ Alok has always been one of the best characters

3. Wukong

Wukong has become the most used character of this patch with the insane buff from the Free Fire OB27 update. Wukong is now the new Chrono with a super annoying skill that reset every time you get a kill.

Wukong Free Fire 1
After the buff, Wukong is now a great character for close-range combat

In the hand of a good rusher player, Wukong can turn into a bush continuously to maneuver around the enemy and ambush them. While there are ways to counter Wukong's skill, he is still a pain to deal with, especially when everyone is using this character.

2. Kelly

Kelly has always been a very useful character as she gives you 6% movement speed permanently. The mobility she offers is something that everyone needs and there no character can offer the same thing.

Kelly Awaken Free Fire
Kelly's mobility is something that everyone needs.

Her Awaken skill also got buffed a lot bit, which is nice but nothing too standout. You get a 110% damage buff after you have run for 4 seconds.

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1. Hayato

Hayato Awaken is no doubt an amazing character after the rework in the OB27 update. His skill is now a passive skill that provides both defensive and offensive power. For each 10% loss, he gets 3.5% frontal damage as well as 10% armor penetration. It sounds insignificant but it is actually a lot, especially when his HP gets lower in fights.

Elite Hayato Free Fire
Hayato Awaken has a passive skill that provides you everything you need in a face-to-face fight

Hayato Awaken is now a must-have character for almost every combo in Free Fire unless you are using a full healing combo and stay outside of the safe zone until the end of the match. Other than that, having Hayato Awaken will make all your face-to-face battles much easier.

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