The Free Fire World Series 2021 will be starting this month in Singapore from May 22nd to 29th. Here, the best Free Fire teams from all around the world will go against each other face to face for the championship and the huge prize pool.

South Asia Free Fire teams removed from the Free Fire World Series 2021

However, because of the recent outbreak of COID-19 in South Asia, Singapore has banned traveling from and to this region. Due to this, Team TG from Pakistan and Team Riot from Bangladesh will not be able to go to the World Series.

Free Fire Fb
Free Fire makes the announcement on their official Facebook fan page.

Last week, 2 Indian Free Fire teams, Team Elite and Galaxy Racer, also were removed from the Free Fire World Series 2021 for the same reason.

Free Fire India Fb
Indian teams cannot join the tournament to prevent the spread of COVID-19

It is a shame that these teams missed their chance in the big league. However, the safety of everyone is more important. While these teams can't join the tournament, they will still receive a part of the prize money for their effort. It is not sure that Garena will fill in the slots of excluded teams with other teams or not.

About Free Fire World Series 2021

The Free Fire World Series 2021 is one of the 3 major global Free Fire tournaments this year. The event is the largest Free Fire global tournament ever. It has a huge prize pool of $2 million.

Free Fire World Series
Poster of Free Fire World Series 2021

For your information, the Free Fire World Series is one of the 3 Free Fire global tournaments that Free Fire is planning for this year. In July, there will be a Free Fire All-Star tournament. In November, there will be a second edition of the Free Fire World Series 2021.

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