At the age of 17, Miyu Otomo is a second-year student at a high school in Okinawa Prefecture, southwestern Japan. She started playing League of Legends with friends in middle school and soon showed an interest in the game. At a young age, Miyu Otoma also works a model in addition to her interest in gaming and other activities.

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Otama's in-game name is "ShakeSpeare", after the name of the great English writer William Shakespeare. On the Japanese server, she has reached the Grand Master rank, the second-highest rank in League of Legends.

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At the end of 2019, Otomo, along with her teammates, claimed first place at the All Japan High School eSports Championship and became the first girl to win the title. "I was absolutely determined that I would win. I wanted to wipe away the idea that because I'm a woman I can be considered lightly," Otomo said after the victory.

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Not only good at gaming, but Miyu Otomo also works as a model and has reached the final round of a beauty contest for high school students.

With an impressive record, Otomo was recruited by Rascal Jester, the team that competes in the League of Legends Japan (LJL), to become the first professional female League of Legends player in Japan.

“This is the first time a female gamer has debuted in League of Legends Japan so I feel quite worried. I will do my best to contribute to Rascal Jester and to become a player that is loved by the fans,” Otomo expressed nervousness as she started a new job.

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However, Miyu Otomo shared that her dream career was not a professional gamer but a model. She reached the final round of Miss JK Contest 2019, a beauty contest for high school students in Japan. She also took to the catwalk in front of 2,500 people in a Tokyo Girls Collection event for young people aged from 10 to 19, part of one of the biggest fashion events in the country.