PUBG Mobile Esports Thailand said in a Facebook post on August 10 that there would be an international women’s tournament with the participation of several Southeast Asian countries.

Before they can take part in the International event, participants must compete in regional tournaments held at different venues all over Southeast Asia. The top teams will have the chance to join the PUBG Mobile Pro League Ladies SEA, which will take place online on Sept 5 and 6.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand’s season 2 goes under the name “That’s My Girls” and it is open for registration from Aug 12 to Aug 15 for up to 64 teams. The tournament’s prize pool is more than $3,000 (roughly Rs 224,482) and the live finals will be held at Bangkok-based True Digital Park.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand That’s My Girls
PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand’s season 2 goes under the name “That’s My Girls”

The 64 teams are divided into four groups of 16. The participants will play three matches on Vikendi, Miramar, and Erangel on Aug 16 and Aug 17. One team will be selected from each group to compete in the finals, which runs Aug 21-23.

PUBG Mobile True Digital Park
True Digital Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Every player must download an application, issued by Tencent. The form will record games, images, audio, and other information to verify the identity of participants. The finals will pick out the three best teams for the PMPL Ladies SEA. Four most popular players, selected via the Facebook page of PUBG Mobile Esports by voting, will form the fourth team competing in the international event.

PMPL Ladies SEA is projected to feature participants from Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Season two of Indonesia’s PMPL Ladies has already been revealed to resemble that of Thailand. Other countries are expected to make public their tournament for ladies shortly.

Indonesia’s PMPL Ladies PUBG Mobile
Indonesia’s PMPL Ladies season 2 will resemble that of Thailand

PMPL Ladies SEA will be the first international PUBG Mobile esports competition ever to be opened exclusively for women.