PMCO India 2020 Fall Split is almost here - the tournament is going to start today, August 12, and last until August 19. With the departure of most pro teams to the higher tier of competition, PMPL, it is time for India's younger generation to prove themselves and claim a spot in the PMCO Finals - almost all teams in this tournament are brand new.

1 - Format of PMCO India 2020

32 teams are divided into 4 groups of 8 each and battle for a spot in the Semifinal round of PUBG Mobile Club Open’s next stage. Only the top 24 teams would be able to progress, of course, the bottom 8 would be eliminated.

The stream would be in both Hindi and English

This process is going to be repeated in the Semifinals, with 24 teams divided into 3 groups, taking 16 and eliminate 8. There would probably be some kind of playoff matches so that wild card squads could get back into the race.

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540 teams were banned in the previous qualifier rounds

2 - Schedule for PMCO India 2020 Group Stage

These 32 squads would battle each other throughout the week. 4 matches would be played every day, on all 4 maps of PUBG Mobile in TPP mode. Not all groups would be participating, of course - only 16 teams would be fighting each day.

  • Day 1: Group A & B
  • Day 2: Group C & D
  • Day 3: Group A & D
  • Day 4: Group C & B
  • Day 5: Group C & A
  • Day 6: Group D & B

Below is the direct link for today's stream on the PUBG Mobile India's official YouTube Channel:

3 - Qualified teams for PMCO India 2020 Group Stage

Amongst these teams, Mayhem, TEAM iNSANE, Optimum Esports, FutureStation Esports and Aztecs Esports are directly invited (they are the #6 to #10 spots of the Spring Split).

Group A

  • Haters Esports
  • Team Mayhem
  • TEAM F4
  • FALLENangelz
  • TXO
  • MCYS

Group B

  • Team INGL
  • XSpark
  • Lord Fam

Group C

  • Reckoning
  • Nox Official
  • BlitzkriegXP
  • DTHesports
  • VR1 Esports
  • Futurestation

Group D

  • Reckless Esports
  • Team ESN
  • HEX ReaperX
  • Nalayk
  • WeBSiTE
  • Optimum Esports
  • Team LegStump

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