The Incubator is one of the spins in the Luck Royale system of Free Fire. You cannot get skins in the Incubator. Instead, you will get Blueprint and Evolution Stone. You can then exchange these items for skins. This makes the Incubator the most expensive spin in Free Fire.

However, the Incubator is also where you can get the most beautiful and most powerful skins in Free Fire. In this article, we will make a list of the top 5 best Free Fire Incubator weapon skins in 2021.

5. Apocalyptic M1014 Incubator

First, we are going to start off with the Apocalyptic M1014 Incubator is an old Incubator with 4 Apocalyptic M1014 Incubator skins. The Apocalyptic M1014 Incubator Red skin and the Apocalyptic M1014 Incubator Gold skin are still being used by a lot of players because of the damage and rate of fire they provide.

Apocalyptic M1014 Free Fire Official
Apocalyptic M1014 Incubator

4. Poker MP40 Incubator

The Poker MP40 Incubator contains one of the best MP40 skin to date, the MP40 Splashing Spade skin. The skin gives the MP40 2 damage buff and one rate of fire buff, making it even more powerful than it already is. The range reduction barely matters much as the MP40 is meant to be used in close-range combats anyway. The skin also comes with a very distinct design from other MP40 skins.

Free Fire Mp40 Poker
Poker MP40 Incubator

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3. Titan Strike SCAR Incubator

The SCAR is one of the most versatile weapons in Free Fire with great stability, range, and DPS. The Titan Strike SCAR Incubator is also the same. It offers 5 different skins with different bonuses.

The most favored and the strongest skin in this Free Fire Incubator is the Ultimate Titan SCAR skin as it gives the weapons 2 rates of fire buffs, on damage buff while only reducing the magazine by a little bit.

Scar Titan Strike In Incubator
Titan Strike SCAR Incubator

2. Tune Blasters P90 Incubator

The Tune Blasters P90 Incubator is one of the latest weapon Incubators in Free Fire. While the P90 is an SMG, it has more range and less DPS than most other SMG such as MP40, MP5, Vector.

Incubator Tune Blasters P90
Tune Blasters P90 Incubator

The Tune Blasters P90 Incubator Orange skin in this Incubator can solve that problem by giving the weapon 2 damage buff, 1 rate of fire buff while only reducing the magazine of the weapon. The P90 already has a huge magazine. With the buff from this skin, the P90 can easily be the most versatile SMG in the game.

1. Evil Pumpkin XM8 Incubator

Same as the SCAR, the XM8 is a very versatile weapon that you can use for almost any fight in Free Fire. The Evil Pumpkin XM8 Incubator offers everything that can make the XM8 stand out in both performance and style.

Xm8 Incubator
Evil Pumpkin XM8 Incubator

The XM8 Sinister Pumpkin skin is one of a few skins in Free Fire that buff the Armor Penetration of the weapon. Meanwhile, the Fiery Pumpkin XM8 focuses on the rate of fire, and the Toxic Pumpkin XM8 increases the range. All these skins are great options for the XM8 and you cannot go wrong with any of them.

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