Normally, you're looking at 390 Diamonds every time you want to change your nickname in Garena Free Fire. And since this premium currency costs actual money to buy, that's not exactly the best deal. But there's a way to change your nickname for free in Garena Free Fire! In order to do so, you will need to acquire a Name Change Card.

Name Change Card
Get a Name Change Card to change IGN for free.

What is a Name Change Card in Free Fire?

The Name Change Card is an obtainable item in Garena Free Fire that allows players to change their IGNs for free. It will replace the Diamonds in the process. Players can get this card by accumulating points in the Free Fire Regional Battle Season.

Regional Battle S7
Region Battle Season 7 has begun.

Recently, the Regional Battle Season 7 has kicked off, and the Name Change Card is one of the free rewards.

How to Get a Name Change Card?

Follow the steps below to acquire every Name Change Card in Garena Free Fire:

  • #1 Open Free Fire and visit the Events page via the calendar icon in the game.
  • #2 Navigate through the Events tab and select the Regional Battle Season 7.
  • #3 Choose your region and join the fight.
  • #4 Accumulate 10,000 season points by playing Free Fire matches.
  • #5 Unlock your own Name Change Card.
Regional Battle S7 Rewards
Claim your rewards from the battle

There's another way to get your hands on the Name Change Card. You can purchase one using 200 Guild Tokens and 39 Diamonds from the in-game store. Guild Tokens can be acquired by opening guild supplies, doing Daily Guild Quest, or playing with guild members. However, considering that it still costs 39 Diamonds to buy, this method isn't free!

How to Change Your Nickname for Free in Garena Free Fire?

Once you have acquired your Name Change Card, it's time to change the IGN for free. Go to name generator websites and pick up stylish names for Free Fire, then head back into the game. Follow the steps below to use the Name Change Card and change your nickname for free:

Nickfinder Free Fire
Visit Nickfinder to pick up a stylish name
  • #1: Open your profile page and access the current IGN via the icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  • #2: Tap on the note icon next to your nickname.
  • #3: Copy and paste the selected nickname.
  • #4: Choose the Name Change Card instead of Diamonds. Confirm.

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