Garena Free Fire doesn't seem to be having trouble with ideas for skins and cosmetics. The game has just released a brand new look for the P90 SMG, the Tune Blaster. This skin comes in four variations with varying stats. Players can grab the skin from the Incubator in Garena Free Fire.
Tune Blaster P90 Free Fire Skin
The Tune Blaster P90 Free Fire Skin is only available in the Incubator

P90 Tune Blaster Incubator in Free Fire

To claim yourself a P90 Tune Blaster skin, you must spin the Incubator. The new gun skin has gone online since January 13th, 2021. A single spin costs 60 Diamonds, plus, you can use one Incubator Voucher as an alternative. There's also a 5 spin bundle for 240 Diamonds, saving you 60 Diamonds.

Tune Blaster P90 Free Fire Cover
Spin to win this beautiful skin

However, players can not acquire the skin directly from the Incubator. You have to spin for the Tune Blaster Blueprint and Evolution Stone from the Incubator instead. Then, once you have accumulated enough ingredients, head to the redeem store and exchange them for the P90 Tune Blaster gun skin. There are a total of four color variations: Orange, Red, Blue, and Green. Each of these variants grants different weapons stats.

Tune Blaster P90 Free Fire Colors
The P90 Tune Blaster comes in 4 colors

P90 Tune Blaster Variants

  • P90 Tune Blaster Orange: 8 Evolution Stones and 4 Tune Blaster Blueprints. Massive damage boost, reduce magazine capacity
  • P90 Tune Blaster Red: 6 Evolution Stones and 3 Tune Blaster Blueprints. Armor penetrating, slower reload speed
  • P90 Tune Blaster Blue: 4 Evolution Stones and 2 Tune Blaster Blueprints. Accuracy Boost, reduce magazine capacity
  • P90 Tune Blaster Green: 2 Evolution Stones and 1 Tune Blaster Blueprint. Range Boost, reduce movement speed.