Garena Free Fire is currently the hottest title in the mobile Battle Royale scene. The game has surpassed 500 million downloads on Google Play Store alone to become the most popular vote game of 2019. Garena surely knows how to attract new players as well as keep the old ones interested in constant content updates. New events, cosmetics, characters, and pets are surely the things to mention. But today, let's take a trip back in time to check out the Free Fire first Incubator!

Free Fire
The world-famous Free Fire is published by Garena

Apart from the traditional traits of the classic Battle Royale genre, Free Fire also offers many different unique twists of its own. The game currently has a character system with 34 characters, a pet system, skins, and a rainbow of lucky draws. In this article, we will go into details about the Incubator, a very special lucky draw in Free Fire.

What is the Incubator in Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire has a microtransaction feature called the Luck Royale. It consists of several different types of lucky wheels, and the Incubator one of them. However, the Incubator is special in the sense that every 2 months, the prizes in it will change to a new theme. That means every 2 months, players get a brand new set of bundles of the same theme or skins with multiple color variations.

Free Fire Update
Take the bundle every time you like it!

Once an Incubator ends its rotation, it will almost never come back again. In other words, if you miss it, the chance of getting it back is slim. But, there are still exceptions, such as the Futuristic SCAR skins. So if you see a bundle you absolutely love in the Incubator, get it, or you may regret it later!

 Free Fire Incubator
The Sci-fi SCAR skins are back in Free Fire

To access the Incubator, go to the Luck Royale and tap on the Incubator on the left side of the screen. In this lucky draw, you'll need to spend 40 Diamonds to spin once or 180 Diamonds for 5 spins. But you won't get the skins or bundles directly. Instead, you need to collect Blueprints and Evolution Stones from the spin, then exchange them for the prizes.

Free Fire Incubator
Spin for Evolution Stones and Blueprints to exchange for prizes

For those who don't know, the cheapest item in the Incubator will set you back 3 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint while the most expensive one costs 7 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints. You can only claim each prize in the Incubator once.

 Free Fire All Incubator Bundle
The most expensive bundle will set you back 7 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints

So in total, you need 30 Evolution Stones and 12 Blueprints in order to claim all prizes in the Incubator. Now that is a lot of Evolution Stones and Blueprints if you want to get everything. But don't worry, we will show just right below how to get Evolution Stones and Blueprints easily.

Free Fire First Incubator

Now that you know more about the Incubator in Garena Free Fire, let's take some time to revisit the first one of its kind. As we recall, the first Incubator in Free Fire offered the Dino Rangers bundles. They are cute dinosaur costumes that come in 6 color variations. This Incubator was introduced in 2018. You can check them out for yourself in the picture below.

Free Fire Incubator Guide: How to Get Evolution Stones and Blueprints Easily?

Since spinning the Incubator depends largely on RNG, the chance of getting Evolution Stones and Blueprints is actually not that high. Therefore, it may be quite costly in your days of bad luck. However, there are alternative ways to guarantee you some!

Dino Rangers Free Fire
The Dino Rangers are the first Incubator in Free Fire

Reaching 180 Badges in the Elite Pass will get you an Evolution Stone. The Elite Pass is the best deal that all Free Fire players should consider, just from the rewards it offers alone. And now, if you have your eyes on one of those Incubator skins or bundles, there's another reason for you to get one. In-game events also provide you an Evolution Stone occasionally, but it is very rare.

 Free Fire evolution stone
The Elite Pass can give you one Evolution Stone

Regarding Blueprints, acquire them through top-up events. All you have to do is to top-up a certain number of Diamonds to get a Blueprint. You don't even have to spend those Diamonds. The number of Diamonds can vary anywhere between 500 to 2000 Diamonds for 1 Blueprint.

Luck Royale
Try your luck in the Luck Royale

You can also exchange 3 Blueprints of the previous season for one of the current seasons. But there's a chance that old Incubators may return in the future, so stick to your old ones. If you're lucky, the Free Fire first Incubator dress can come back as the Futuristic SCAR skins!

Free Fire 2nd Incubator
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That's everything on our guide on Free Fire first Incubator. Remember, it was the Dino Ranger costumes who started it all. For more information, tips, and tricks regarding Garena Free Fire, visit our website at