Free Fire has risen to be the most popular mobile battle royale game in the world, even surpassing PUBG Mobile, by having a character system with many unique characters that have their own story that connected to each other in one Free Fire universe.

 Free Fire Hayato Story
Hayato is one of the most favorite characters in Free Fire

Hayato has been one of the most favorite characters in Free Fire since he was released on March 20th, 2019 because of his cool look and strong ability. However, those are not the main topic that we are going to discuss today about this character. In this article, we will be focusing on Free Fire Hayato story instead and unfold the secret about this character. Who is he? Where he was from? And how he got his power?

Free Fire Hayato Story

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: Mar 21st

According to the feature Free Fire story of Hayato, he was a kid from a legendary Samurai family. He was the only child of the family so Hayato needs to carry on the family tradition and curse. This young samurai has a secret nobody else can know. For this, Hayato is willing to give up his life.

 Free Fire Hayato Story
Free Fire story of Hayato Hayato came from the Shimada family, a famous and powerful samurai family

The full name of Hayato is Shimada Hayato. The Shimada family has been carrying a curse inside their body for generations that give immense power as well as big consequences. The Shimada family can sell their sold to demons so they can get stronger whenever they are hurt. However, they will lose control of their mind and become homicidal maniacs if they do that. Also, the curse will come unexpectedly and there is no way for them to control it.

You can actually see this demon in Free Fire with the Blood Demon set.

Free Fire Hayato Story
The Demon Blood set is the look of the demon that gave the Shimada family power

When Hayato was a kid, something happened that caused his life to change forever. Hayato's father was also a samurai and he has a twin brother that looks identical to him. One day, the twin brother went crazy because he made a pact with the demon and so the two brothers had to fight each other. The result of their fight still remains a mystery till now.

 Free Fire Hayato Story
Hayato used to be with Kelly's family when she was still a baby

The Shimada family got broken apart all over the world after that event. One interesting fact that most people don't know is that Kelly is also from Shimada family. Her real name is Shimada Kiriko. While Hayato doesn't know her family but he does know that Kelly was from the Shimada family. There is actually a high chance that Hayato is Kelly's cousin since there was a photo of him with Kelly when they were small.

Free Fire Hayato Story
Free Fire Hayato story - Hayato protects Kelly from the sniper shot

However, before Hayato could tell Kelly the truth, she was kidnapped by Paloma. You can check out our article about Paloma's story to learn more about it. So after Kelly was brought to Bermuda, Yamato decided to go to Bermuda to find her and that is Free Fire Hayato story about how he got into this fight.

Eventually, Hayato found Kelly as we can see it in the Kelly Awaken introduction video of Free Fire.

Free Fire Hayato Skill

Hayato's special survival ability is called Bushido, which gives him the power of the Shimada's family curse. For each 10% HP missing Hayato gains an amount of ammo penetration. You can collect Hayato's memory fragments to upgrade his skill up to Level 6 and some other rewards. Here all the details about his skill:

  • Bushido Level 1: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 7.5% armor penetration.
  • Bushido Level 2: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 8.0% armor penetration.
  • Bushido Level 3: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 8.5% armor penetration.
  • Bushido Level 4: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 9.0% armor penetration.
  • Bushido Level 5: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 9.5% armor penetration.
  • Bushido Level 6: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 10% armor penetration.

Hayato's skill is one of the strongest skills in Free Fire as it can increase your damage output. When you playing Hayato, you would want to be aggressive when your HP is full to take some and activate your skill. When your HP is low, you need to decide between healing up or staying low and destroy enemies from a safe place. Of course, staying low on HP is a very risky move and can get killed easily.

Image 2 Free Fire Hayato Story

There are a lot of skill combinations with Hayato skill because his skill is just so good. I personally like to pair him up with Awaken Kelly, Miguel, and Antonio.

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