Free Fire features a huge collection of characters, each with its own unique skill and story. In this article, we are going to look further into Miguel's character in Free Fire to understand more about his story, skills, and combo in Free Fire.

Free Fire Miguel Story

  • Sex: male
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: Sep 07th

Miguel was friends with Paloma and Antonito when they were kids. Miguel and Paloma became lovers when they grew up. Miguel used to protect Paloma from street thugs and got badly injured. After Paloma's parents were killed, they went separate ways and  Miguel became a Special Force agent.

Thumb2 Miguel 4k Gray Neon Lights 2021 Games Free

Miguel and his team got betrayed during a mission of destroying the mysterious organization, known as Free Fire. Miguel survived but he found out that Paloma is the one who stole a secret document from the Forces so he determined to go in deeper to find the truth.

Free Fire Miguel's Ability

Miguel's ability is called Crazy Slayer. This skill gives him EP whenever he gets a kill. Here are the full details of the skill:

  • Crazy Slayer Level 1: Gain 30 EP for each kill
  • Crazy Slayer Level 2: Gain 40 EP for each kill
  • Crazy Slayer Level 3: Gain 50 EP for each kill
  • Crazy Slayer Level 4: Gain 60 EP for each kill
  • Crazy Slayer Level 5: Gain 70 EP for each kill
  • Crazy Slayer Level 6: Gain 80 EP for each kill

Free Fire Miguel Combo, Tips, And Tricks

The amount of EP Miguel gives you after each kill is actually insane. However, it takes a while to transfer EP into HP so you will need some skill to combo with. A124 is a great choice because she is accessible and her skill allows you to transfer into HP quickly. K would be a better option than A124 but not all players own him.

[caption id="attachment_80422" align="aligncenter" width="740" class="center "]MigNew Character A124 E3f8 A124 makes a great combo with Miguel[/caption]

You would want to play aggressively and get kills to make use of Miguel's skill. Characters like Jota, Wolfrahh, Luqueta also have skills that will get you benefits from kills so they will make a great combo with Miguel as well.

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