Skyler is the latest character in Free Fire, who is a CEO and a famous musician. With the addition of Skyler in Free Fire, players will have more choice for the active skill in their combo.

In this article, we will make a comparison between Skyler and Chrono to see which one is the better character to use.


Chrono is a very powerful character who is good at both defense and offense. His skill Time-Tuner is an active skill that creates a shield that blocks 600 damage. Chrono will have 30% bonus movement speed while the shield is active and he can shot people outside of the shield.

Operation Chrono B4f2

You can buy Chrono in the in-game store for 599 Diamonds.


Skyler's skill focus on interacting with Gloo Walls. His skill is Riptide Rhythm. His active component lets him destroy all Gloo Wall in front of him while his passive component heals him whenever he uses a Gloo Wall.

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Players can buy Skyler by entering the Top-up event and buy 200 Diamonds.

Skyler vs Chrono

In a head-to-head fight between Skyler and Chrono, Skyler will be at a disadvantage because his skill can not destroy Chrono's skill. But if Skyler has some Gloo Walls to use, the fight might be in his favor because he can stall until Chrono shield is gone. After his shield is down, Chrono can't hide behind Gloo Walls because Skyler can just destroy them.

In a Squad situation, Chrono's skill is better for saving teammates because his shield is impenetrable and provides a speed buff. Skyler needs a Gloo Wall in order to do that, which is not always available. Plus, the enemy can just go around the Gloo Wall or use an M82B to shot through it. Skyler's skill heals a lot but he can only heal himself.

In conclusion, Chrono is still the better character as his skill is good for pretty much all situations. Meanwhile, Skyler needs to rely on using Gloo Wall for protection, which is nowhere near as good as Chrono's shield.

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