Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world with millions of players around the world. The game is updated frequently with gameplay updates and new skins, outfits. Most of the time Free Fire gets a big update every two months.

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Free Fire has frequent updates to give players new and fresh content

These updates usually get pushed into the Advanced Server first to test before being used in the main servers. This pattern has been repeating for many updates. The Advanced Server for the OB27 update has not been revealed yet but it is expected to start in a few weeks.

Free Fire OB27 update release date

The Free Fire OB27 update is expected to be released 14th April 2021 on the global servers. The update will drop on the Advanced Server one or two weeks before that.

Free Fire OB27 update leaks

According to leaks, the OB27 update will add to the game an additional skill slot for character and pet. This will be a huge change as there will be more insane skill combos.

There will a new character called Snowelle, who can prevent enemies from using their active ability. This is a quite powerful skill as the strongest character skill in Free Fire are active skills, including characters such as Alok, K, Chrono,...

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There will be a new character called Snowelle who can prevent enemies from using their active ability

Gloo Wall will have a dedicated button so you can use it more quickly. There will be a new replay function for you to watch your previous matches.

There will be a new vehicle and you can choose different music in the main lobby.

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