Free Fire rolls out new events very frequently to bring fresh content to players. With these events, players can get free rewards, including exclusive bundles, skins, characters, and pets. Let's take a look to see what are the upcoming Free Fire events in May 2021.

Free Fire May 2021 Events
Free Fire May 2021 Events

Ramadan event

Ramadan event is currently running in Free Fire. It consists of many different small events and activities. The Ramadan event in Free Fire will last until May 14.

Free Fire Ramadan
Ramadan event Free Fire

In this event, players can log in daily, doing missions, collecting tokens, sharing videos to get free rewards such as gun crates, exclusive bundles, weapon skins.

Ramadan Free Fire
Ramadan event calendar

Summer event/Beach day event

The summer event is something that Free Fire will never miss. It will be coming to the game on May 15 with many free items. The even will introduce 2 beach bundles for male and female characters in this event. Normally, they will give away the female bundle for free.

Summer Male
Summer male bundle
Female Bundle Free Fire
Summer female bundle

Green Flame Draco M1014 Faded Wheel

A new evolution skin is coming to Free Fire, the Green Flame Draco M1014 skin. This skin will be available in Faded Wheel. This skin at the max level will give you 2 Rate of Fire buff, 1 Damage buff, plus bonus damage to Gloo Wall. The Green Flame Draco M1014 is no doubt will be the best M1014 skin when it is released.

M1014 Level 2
Green Flame Draco M1014 evolution skin

Diamond Royale bundles

The Diamond Royale is going to be reset with cowboy bundles for both male and female characters. The WildFire Vagabond male bundle will come first on May 7 and the female bundle will come around May 27.

Dia Male Free Fire
WildFire Vagabond male bundle
Dia Fem Free Fire
WildFire Vagabond female bundle

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