Free Fire is a title that has brought players a thrilling gaming landscape thanks to its level-headed in-game factors, visual design, features, events, epic crossovers, and more. Moreover, those in-game elements consist of skins, pets, cosmetics, costumes, and characters with signature traits.

Previously this year, the developer has introduced Free Fire OB27 update. And it is undeniable that the newest update has sent the gaming world on fire. However, not every fan is able to get this update due to their low storage. That is why GuruGamer is here to help with a guide on how to download Free Fire new update under 50 MB.

If you are one of the tons of players who have been after this on the Internet all along, look no further as everything is disclosed here.

Free Fire
How to download Free Fire new under 50 Mb: A guide.

What’s new in Free Fire OB27 Update?

Prior to diving into how to download Free Fire new update under 50 MB, let’s see what is new and different.

Free Fire OB27 update was released on April 14th, 2021 and it is a massive one. The game’s patch notes have also been sought after as they help players fathom every change in the title. Check out some of the brand-new features in the latest version below.

Character System

  • Character System and UI rework
  • New UI for the Character system
  • Character max level reduces from 8->6
  • The skills of Awakening Characters will have an effect of the original Character's skill.
  • Upgrading character levels do not cost any diamond or gold any longer.

New Map Available: Bermuda Remastered

This map is up for grabs Clash Squad: Bermuda Remastered which is also available now in Clash Squad (Casual and Rank).

Free Fire Update
How to download Free Fire new update under 50 Mb the Cobra.

Weapon Attachments

Weapons and attachments are permanently attached to each other in Clash Squad.

MVP Display

MVP of every single team will now be showcased in Clash Squad.

Apart from new guns, new characters, dynamic play zone, and character systems, there are even more additions in this version. It explains why "How to download Free Fire new under 50 MB" or "How to download free fire in 5 MB" are so hot among players.

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How to download Free Fire new update under 50 MB

After Garena rolled out Free Fire OB27, it is not exaggerating to say that every player was excited and eager to try new elements and features. Indeed, the creators did not fail to woo the game’s ardent lovers by putting in fresh patches.

How To Download Free Fire New Update Under 50 Mb
Even how to download Free Fire in 5 Mb is sought after following the update.

However, blessed are the players who have enough space on their gaming device and is allowed to update the Free Fire OB27 without an obstacle. In fact, the file size can take up to 700 Mb on a device.

Those who do not own or cannot create a space with 700 Mb on their phones are definitely suffering. They seemingly cannot enjoy this fascinating game, that is why. Such users will explore on the net to find a way on how to download Free Fire new update under 50 Mb the cobra.  If you are one of those avid players of Free Fire, you might figure out a method to it with this guide.

Notes when downloading new Free Fire update under 50 Mb

A player’s quest to download this Free Fire new update with less than 50 MB ends with these following hacks. Take them on and you will be able to get the Free Fire OB27 APK file.

  • APK files are significantly smaller in size and an individual can get them by clicking this.
  • Moreover, if players want to play the title on their device, they will need to also download the OBB file for Free Fire new update. With this, they will need to have from 400 to 500 Mb backup.
How To Download Free Fire New Update Under 50 Mb 2
There are two best ways to get the update with not over 50 Mb.

Yet, for the players who want a sharing on how to get the update with a humble space, here is another way that works relatively well.

  • Search for another player of Free Fire who uses an Android phone. Moreover, this user must have installed/updated the Free Fire OB27.
  • You and that Free Fire gamer will have to install File Share Apps so they can transfer the OBB file to your mobile phone.
  • Move the Free Fire OBB file to the internal storage of your device -> Android -> OBB folder.
  • Install the Free Fire APK whose link we have provided. Now, you have successfully downloaded the update with less than 50 Mb.

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