Since its release, PUBG Mobile has been the inspiration for a lot of games on mobile platforms. On another hand, not all of them are on the same level of goodness when it comes to gameplay and graphics.

After it was banned in India, users have been looking for alternatives. So check out these games which can be the best PUBG Mobile alternatives once they are introduced.

Best Pubg Mobile Alternatives
What games will be the best PUBG Mobile alternatives?


One of the three most prominent upcoming games is PUBG: New State. It is also among the top anticipated Battle Royale games for Android in 2021.

Developed by Krafton, it has now garnered many positive comments on the design and first look. One of the supposedly best PUBG Mobile alternatives will be set in the 2051 year and its gameplay shares quite a similarity to that of PUBG.

Pubg New State
With Gaming Illumination technology, the title will surely set a benchmark for graphics in mobile gaming.

From the announcement of PUBG Mobile Undawn, players are looking forward to the official comeback of this famous game.

Moreover, you will have the chance to customize your weapons with a customization kit. This title would certainly be a benchmark in mobile gaming when it comes to graphics.


Despite not being a Battle Royale game, SICO will be thrilling to many players nonetheless. Similar to PUBG Mobile, in SICO, you will be able to engage in stirring Team Deathmatches.

Sico Special Insurgency Counter Operations
SICO is one of the most expected games to be just as dope as PUBG Mobile.

In total, these are the four playable characters: Ana, Shiv, Captain Shaurya Singh, and Rudra.

Meanwhile, you may enjoy four maps including Warehouse, Parvata, Mandapa, and Vanam.

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3. Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is the title you can enjoy with your friends. For the unknown, you will need to create a squad of three and get off on an isolated battleground that can feature up to 60 players.

Apex Legends Mobile
This title is on its way to conquer the hearts of many gamers who love PUBG.

Initially, it will be available for players from the Philippines and India before its reach becomes extended gradually. Later this month, Apex Legends Mobile’s beta version will be released.

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