Last month, PUBG Mobile released the 1.4 updates along with a trailer announcing the PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong collaboration. You can check out the trailer video of the collaboration below.

PUBG Mobile just announced that the PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong collaboration is coming on May 11. This collaboration will not only bring new cool skins to the game but it will bring an entirely new Godzilla Vs Kong Mode as well. In this mode, you will get to encounter both of the giant monsters and do some exciting quests.

Pubg Mobile X Godzila Vs Kong
PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong collaboration

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about the upcoming Godzilla Vs Kong mode in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong mode

The Godzilla Vs Kong mode will be available on Erangel and Sanhhok. You will get to meet Godzilla on Erangel and Kong on Sanhok.

Godzilla Vs Kong Map
The road in the middle of the map is the path of Godzilla.

When you enter the mode, open the minimap and you can see a big road cut across the map. That is the road that Godzilla will go through. On that road, there 3 Signal Stations. The giant Godzilla will destroy these stations when it reaches them.

While Godzilla is on the road, you cannot interact with it. Unless you are in a car and block its way, then it will crush the car or kick the car away and kill you. The Godzilla will shoot a laser beam randomly at players around it and you must dodge or die. In Sanhok, the Kong will throw an airplane at players instead.

The Godzilla will use its tail to destroy the station once it gets really close to it. Players won't be affected at all by this action. When a station is destroyed, it will reveal an area inside with a lot of loots for you to take. Especially, you will find a spot with a green light with all the best loots such as Level 3 Vest/ Helmet, ghillie suit,...

Godzilla Pubg Mobile 1
Godzilla in PUBG Mobile
Kong Pubg Mobile
Kong in PUBG Mobile

You can also find on the map many spots where a small herb of monsters will spawn. These monster has high HP and will attack you, but they are generally easy to deal with. You will get loot for killing these monsters.

When Godzilla finishes destroying all 3 stations in PUBG Mobile, it will go to the sea and disappear.

You can also find a Mecha Godzilla on the map, but the Mecha Godzilla won't have any effect on the gameplay.

Godzilla Pubg Mobile
Mecha Godzilla

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