Pro PUBG Mobile players often use both ADS and Hipfire when playing. Let's learn when to use PUBG Mobile Hipfire and ADS as pro players to clear enemies quickly here.

When To Use Hip-Fire?

Hip-fire means you fire without aiming first. You just aim with the default crosshair, so you can fire fast and agilely. However, its accuracy depends on the distance and the aiming skill of players. With normal players like us, we can use hip-fire more accurately when the enemy is about 5-7 meters in front of us. Meanwhile, pro players can use hip-fire accurately in a 5 to 15-meter range.

Hip Fire In Close Range
Use Hip Fire In Close-Range Combat

As long as you can control the gun recoil and keep the crosshair stand still, you can hip-fire accurately with all kinds of weapons. Pro players often use hip-fire in close combat and face-to-face combat, especially in instant combat when one second slower can make you die. For example, in close combat in PMPL and PEL, pro players often use hip-fire to counter quickly.

Hip Fire Advantage
Hip-Fire is more accurate and effective in instant combat.

You should use hip-fire when rushing houses or in wall-to-wall fights. Besides, they also hip-fire when using shotguns. The crosshair placement is very important in Hip-fire. Then, you can aim and keep the crosshair steady when moving jiggly or jumping to dodge bullets in face-to-face engagements with hip-fire. You should learn more Hip-fire tips from pro players.

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How To ADS Quickly?

It seems that hip-fire is very effective in instant combat. However, it doesn't mean that you can use this tactic all the time. Besides, ADS is slower but it's more accurate. Therefore, you should use ADS when the target is over 15 meters away from you. It's because the bullets will spread and do not hit the target as expected.

Ads In Mid Range
Use ADS when the target is pretty far away from you

Besides, use ADS when you spot the enemy before he spots you. Then, you can spray bullets accurately when the target is moving quickly in front of you which even pro players can hardly do with hip-fire. To use ADS quickly, you should choose a proper foregrip. Angle grip is the best attachment for ADS which helps increase the speed of scope opening.

Practice Ads
Practice ADS more in TDM mode to master crosshair placement after opening scope.

Then, you also need to practice until you can place the aiming point of the scope at the right place without having to adjust it. Pro players use this firing mode more than hip-fire in professional competitions, such as PMPL and PEL because of its higher accuracy.

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