The best PUBG Mobile players in China concentrate and compete in PEL - the biggest esports tournament in China now and bring audiences the most spectacular performances. Here are the most favorite weapons of PEL players.

#1. M416

If you watch all PEL matches from the beginning of the tournament, you will easily recognize most PEL players like using M416. It's because this weapon is not only powerful but also versatile and steady. It lets PEL pro player spray bullets in mid-range combat.

M416 Pel
M416 is the most favorite weapon in PEL 2021.

Those professional PUBG Mobile esports events, pro players often engage in mid-range combat rather than close combat. If they have to face enemies in close fights, M416 can still let them knock down 1 - 2 opponents in a full load of bullets.

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#2. SCAR-L

It seems that 5.56 weapons are preferred in PUBG Mobile esports tournaments because of their stability and steadiness. Therefore, the aim will not shake too much even when players cannot find a compensator. That's why SCAR-L is also one of the most favorite weapons in PEL 2021. This meta is pretty new because AKM seemed to be nerfed in recent updates.

Scar L Pel 2021
Chinese pro players also like using SCAR-L in PEL 2021.

#3. Beryl M762

A lot of PUBG Mobile pro players also like using M762 in PEL 2021. This weapon is buffed a bit to make it more stable. Moreover, M762 is always a powerful AR with a very high rate of fire and damage per second. Therefore, you can knock down enemies quickly when aiming and shooting accurately. Moreover, many players even use a combo of M762 and M416.

Beryl M762 Pel
Beryl M762 is also widely used in this tournament.

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#4. Mini-14 & SLR

In the new meta, PUBG Mobile pro players prefer semi-sniper rifles to bolt-action sniper rifles. Mini-14 and SLR are the two most widely used semi sniper guns in this tournament. The advantages of Mini-14 are stability and a wide bullet clip. SLR is preferred due to its high damage per hit.

Slr Pel 2021
Mini-14 and SLR are the two most widely used semi sniper guns in this tournament.

#5. DP-28

The next popular weapon in PEL 2021 is DP-28. A lot of Chinese pro players use this LMG because of its stability and large armor capacity. However, its low rate of fire makes DP-28 weaker in close combat. Therefore, many players use this LMG to spray bullets in mid-range combat and M762 for close fights.

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