PUBG Mobile players continually share many myths. Some of them are true, some others are not right. Let's bust or confirm these new PUBG Mobile myths in April 2021.

1. Music Barrier Myth

The music barrier is introduced in the Hundred Rhythm mode. This shield can reduce 50% of the damage you take from enemies' shots. Then, many players said that you can reduce 100% of the damage when activating 2 shields simultaneously. However, this myth is busted. You can reduce only 50% of the damage no matter how many shields you activate.

Two Music Barrier Cannot Reduce Double Damage
Busted: More Barrier Cannot Reduce Damage

2. Aim Punch Myth

Many players commented that your aim will shake when you get shot. It's true because your whole body will shake when you get shot. Then, your crosshair also bound a bit. But it does not jump too much. So, this myth is confirmed.

Aim Shake Myth In Pubg Mobile
Confirmed: The crosshair will bound a bit when you get shot.

3. Graffiti Myth

Your graffiti will be retained in the spawn island in the match. Many PUBG Mobile players use graffiti marks on the spawn island. If you come back to that place during the match, you will still see that mark. Therefore, the graffiti myth is confirmed.

Graffiti Marks Retained In Spawn Island
Confirmed: Graffiti marks are retained in the spawn island.

4. Molotov Myths

Many players think that two simultaneous Molotov can deal double damage. After some tests, this myth is busted. You can deal only 70 damage no matter how many Molotovs you throw at once. Therefore, you should throw the second Molotov a few seconds after the first one to increase the damage.

Double Molotov Myth In Pubg Mobile
Busted: Double Molotovs do not double the damage.

5. Gas Myth

According to a lot of PUBG Mobile players' thinking, the gas can won't explode under the water. You can drop a gas can in the shallow water so that you can still target it. Then, stand near the gas can and fire at it. Remember to ask your teammate to revive you because the gas can will explode and knock you down.

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Gas Can Can Explode Underwater When You Shoot It
Busted: Gas can explode underwater.

6. Water Myth

PUBG Mobile myths also said that the bullets in this game cannot go through water. This PUBG Mobile myth is confirmed because you won't be killed when staying inside water. It protects players when they swim to cross the river. But make sure that you keep the whole body under the water or enemies can still kill you.

Bullets Won't Go In Water To Make You Cross River Safely
Confirmed: Bullets won't go in the water.

7. Shoot Underwater Myth

An amazing thing about PUBG Mobile is that you can shoot underwater. However, it does not work when you are swimming because you cannot hold weapons while swimming. You need to drive a car to the water and change your seat to any passenger's seat. Then, you can aim and shoot any enemy around but they cannot shoot you. It's a new trick in this game.

Trick To Shoot Underwater
Confirmed: You can shoot underwater from the passenger's seat in the car.

8. Shotgun Glitch Myth

It's said that players will go two steps back if they shoot 2 bullets in a double-barrel shotgun quickly while going forwards. It was a glitch in this game which was fixed. Therefore, the myth is busted now. You won't get back no matter how many shots you shoot with shotguns.

Shotgun In Pubg Mobile
Busted: The shotgun glitch is no longer a problem.

9. Gas Can Explosion Myth

If you put some gas cans side by side, all of them will explode if you burst one of them. This myth is busted because you cannot make all of them explode by bursting one can only. The explosion cannot make other cans explode.

Gas Cans In PUBG Mobile Don't Explode At Once
Busted: Gas cans don't explode at once.

10. Aim Assist Myth

The aim assist does not work as effectively in the TDM mode as it does in the classic mode. Comparing the aim assist effect in two modes, you will see that it works the same in these two game modes. Therefore, this myth is busted.

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