Galaxy Racer Esports PUBG Mobile is a new pro team in India. It was founded in 2020. Let's meet all PUBG Mobile pro players of Galaxy Racer Esports and see many highlights of them. 

Founder Of Galaxy Racer Esports PUBG Mobile

Galaxy Racer is an Indian esports team founded on July 3rd, 2020 by merging two professional PUBG Mobile teams: Celtz and SynerGE. These two teams are very renowned in the Indian community. SynerGE is an esports organization founded in October 2019. They got many prizes and high positions in big PUBG Mobile tournaments locally, regionally, and internationally.

Galaxy Racer Esports
Galaxy Racer Esports was founded on July 3rd, 2020 by merging two professional teams: Celtz and SynerGE.

For example, this team attended and competed in PUBG Mobile All-Stars India 2019 and finished that event in 7th position. SynerGE is one of a few teams representing India in many big tournaments, such as PMCO and PMPL. Although they haven't got any global champion, SynerGE is still known as one of the best PUBG Mobile teams in this country.

Galaxy Racer gameplay
They got many impressive achievements and brought audiences great performances in many tournaments.

Celtz is also a popular name in the Indian PUBG Mobile community. This team got the 1st prize in PMPL Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals. It's also the best achievement of this Indian PUBG Mobile team. Besides, they also got many admirable achievements in influential esports events, such as Matrix Invitational Cup and PMCO.

Roxx Kd of Galaxy Racer Esports
The in-game leader of GXR, RoXX, has an impressive K/D ratio.

Celtz and SynerGE were merged in July 2020 to create a new team called Galaxy Racer Esports. The name of this team also presented the ambition of this new team. They signed GodNixon on Nov 10th, 2020 as a Content Creator. Galaxy Racer Esports also has a YouTube channel titled Galaxy Racer India with 297K subscribers.

Meet Galaxy Racer Esports PUBG Mobile Players

Paul Roy is the CEO of this esports organization. He signed many content creators for this team. As mentioned, Luv Sharma, a.k.a GodNixon, was the first content creator to sign Galaxy Racer Esports. Then, Sagar Thakur and Rahul Dhankhar also signed this team as content creators on Jan 19th, 2021.

Winner Of Pmpl Asia 2021
All of the active players in Galaxy Racer now used to play for Celtz.

Yogesh Yadav, Harshit Mahajan, Randeep Singh Bhullar, and Hemanth Sethi are the four main players of Galaxy Racer Esports. AshGamer plays as a Substitute and supporter in this team. These five players are also the oldest members of Galaxy Racer Esports. All of them joined this team on the date of team foundation, July 3th, 2020.

Former Players

Many other players joined and left Galaxy Racer Esports (GXR) but these loyal players still stayed with this team. Here are some former players of Galaxy Racer Esports that you may know.

  • Naresh Kumar, a.k.a Seervi, used to play the IGL role in this team. He left the team on April 2nd, 2021.
  • The fragger Sujoy Das, a.k.a AustinX, also left GXR on that day.
  • Manmeet Singh, a.k.a Ted, also played the fragger role in GXR before he left the team on February 28th this year.
  • Ajay Karangale, a.k.a Zigsaw, is also a famous assaulter of GXR when playing for this team. He left the team on the same date with Ted.
  • Shubham Singh Rawat, a.k.a Shryder, played for GXR in a few months from September to November 2020.

All these players signed GXR on September 8th, 2020. These pro players got many high positions in many big esports events when playing for SynerGE.

Active Players

There are five active players mentioned above.

  • Yogesh Yadav: His nickname is RoXX. He plays the roles of IGL and Supporter in GXR. This player used to play for Fnatic and Celtz. He got many admirable achievements with that team. His approximate earning from PUBG Mobile Esports is $14,617.
Mj Kd of Galaxy Racer Esports
The assaulter MJ has an impressive achievement in PUBG Mobile.
  • Harshit Mahajan, a.k.a MJ, is one of three assaulters in GXR. He used to be the teammate of RoXX when they are in Fnatic and Celtz. His total earning from his esports career is about $14,767.
  • Randeep Singh Bhullar, a.k.a Attanki, is also an assaulter of this PUBG Mobile esports team. Celtz was also the first and the only professional esports organization he played for before being a member of GXR. His approximate total earning from PUBG Mobile is $14,446.
Attacki Kd of Galaxy Racer esports
Attanki also has a high K/D ratio.
  • Hemanth Sethi's nickname is Ultron. Apart from Fnatic and Celtz, this assaulted also played for Element Esports before playing for GE in July 2020. The approximate earning of this pro player from PUBG Mobile esports tournaments is about $14,632.
Ultrom Kd of Galaxy Racer Esports
Mind-blowing K/D ratio of Ultron
  • Anshdeep Singh, a.k.a AshGamer , is a Substitute player of GXR. He often plays the role of supporter or sniper. Before joining GXR, AshGamer played for my teams, including Celtz, Inside Out, Genocide, and TEAMGE. His earning from PUBG Mobile esports tournaments is $14,165.
Ash Gamer Kd of Galaxy Racer Esports
AshGamer is also an excellent PUBG Mobile player.

Galaxy Racer's Achievements

Since the formation of this team, GXR competed in many esports tournaments and got some significant achievements.

  • They finished PMCO Fall Split 2020 India at the 9th position in Tier-B and earned a $1,100 money reward.
  • GXR won the 1st prize in Crew Mania 2020 and Loco Gamer League: PUBGM Monsoon Knockouts 2020.
  • Last September, this team participated in PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Season 0: East and finished at the 14th position. But five players still brought home $10,500.
  • Another big tournament they joined in 2020 is  PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 in which they finished at the 12th position and brought home $1,272.

Those were some early achievements of GXR in 2020. They are still working hard together in order to improve their teamwork and skills to get higher positions in later esports events. Galaxy Racer Esports PUBG Mobile is expected to win more big prizes in the upcoming esports events. 

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