PUBG Mobile Vikendi is a snow map that attracts a lot of pro players. You will encounter more real players here than bots. Therefore, you need better skills and some pro tips to survive on this cold map. Here are the 5 best places to ambush and clear enemies from

#1. Dobro Mesto

It's a coastal town with many big houses and buildings. After looting all necessary supplies in those houses, you can go to the coast and find a hollow in the rock cliff. You can hide there to camp and kill the last enemy in the final circle if the last zone shrinks in Dobro Mesto. Moreover, this is a glitch in this map. You can go through the rock from this hollow.

Find This Hollow
Find this hollow on Dobro Mesto's Coast.

#2. Podvosto Tree

This small residential compound is located on the bank of an iced river. You can find a 2-story yellow house in the center of this compound that faces the iced river. Moreover, there is a tree in front of that house. This is another hidden place that not many PUBG Mobile players know.

Jump To This Tree And Sit Quietly
Jump To This Tree And Sit Quietly To Camp

You cannot climb the tree but jump to sit on the tree from the rooftop of that 2-story house. It's a great place for assassins. You should wear clothes in dark color to hide and use VSS to hide your position. VSS gun sound is totally invisible in the mini-map.

Shoot From The Tree
Shoot From The Tree With An SMG Or VSS.

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#3. Milnar

This small village is located on the southern coast of this cold island. There are many small and low houses in a small iced valley. You will find a small house with a chimney on the border of the village. Jump from the slope to the rooftop of that house, climb to the chimney and sit inside.

Hide In The Chimney
Hide In The Chimney And Wait For A Chance To Clear All Enemy.

It's a great place to hide and get Chicken Dinner when the last circle shrinks in Milnar. However, you have to make sure that you don't reveal your position too early.

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#4. Podvosto Bridge

There is another secret place to hide and ambush in Podvosto on the map Vikendi. There is a big bridge connecting two banks of the iced river. You may think that this bridge is pretty useless because you can walk and even drive on the surface of the ice river.

Hide Under The Bridge
Hide Under The Bridge To Clear Some Enemy Teams When They Cross The River.

However, this bridge can be a great place to hide. A lot of campers often ambush under this bridge to clear some unlucky players crossing the river. Your team can make Podvosto a deadly location by ambushing in this bridge and other secret corners in this town to clear some enemy teams.

An Smg With Suppressor
Use An SMG With A Suppressor

#5. Dino Park

This abandoned park in PUBG Mobile Vikendi is a famous place of attraction. There is a maze that you can hide and camp. However, there is another place from that you can play both aggressively and defensively. Take a VSS and run along the glider railway above the maze. Reach the highest point in the railway that is above the statue of a Brachiosaurus.

From there, you can shoot down to enemies in the maze and don't have to take risks to rush the maze campers. Moreover, you can also make it a deadly red zone by throwing frag grenades to the maze and clear an ambusher team.

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