PUBG Mobile MP5K is the exclusive SMG in Vikendi that replaced Vector. Then, MP5K and UZI are two main 9mm SMGs on this map. Therefore, it made many players confused about which gun to choose. Let's compare and pick up the better SMG on this snowy map here with

PUBG Mobile MP5K Vs Micro UZI

MP5K and UZI are two SMGs that use 9mm ammo on the map Vikendi. Both of them are powerful and stable weapons in close-quarter combat. We need to compare to pick up the better gun for you.


The base damage of MP5K is pretty higher than that of UZI. However, Micro UZI is the SMG with the fastest rate of fire (0.048s). Therefore, it has higher damage per second (DPS) than MP5K. Then, you can take down an enemy faster with a UZI if you shoot accurately.

Mp5k Power
MP5K has a higher base damage


Both these SMGs are stable with or without attachments. Moreover, you don't need to use the compensator to reduce gun recoil. Instead, you can use a flash hider or a suppressor to hide your position. However, UZI is a little bit better with less bullet spread. Thus, you can shoot with higher hip-fire accuracy.

Uzi Has Less Recoil
UZI Has Less Recoil


Except for the 8x scope, you can attach all scopes to MP5K. However, UZI only supports a holographic or red dot to aim better. Besides, both these guns support a mag, muzzle, and stock. But MP5K also supports a grip.

MP5K Supports Up To 6x Scope
MP5K Supports Up To 6x Scope


MP5K has a larger clip than UZI. Without the extended mag, the ammo capacity of UZI is only 25 while it's 30 in MP5K. When you attach an extended mag to these guns, the ammo capacity of those guns is increased by 10 bullets. Both these guns offer two firing modes, including single and full-auto to tap and spray bullets.