PUBG Mobile Kar98k and M24 are the two most favorite and popular bolt-action sniper rifles. Both of them are spawned on the map and use 7.62mm ammo. But which one is better? Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile M24 Vs Kar98k

Many players often get confused between these two SRs. Just compare and pick up the more suitable one for you.


Comparing the damage of both these guns, the M24 has a bit higher base damage than Kar98k. The headshot damage without a helmet is 202 in M24 and 192 in Kar98k. Besides, the damage to the chest without a vet is 101 in M24 and 96 in Kar98k. Therefore, you can always knock down an enemy without armor with an accurate shot. However, you need another shot if you shoot to the enemy's chest with a Kar98k.

Kar98k Is Effective And Powerful In All Ranges
Kar98k Is Effective And Powerful In All Ranges Of Engagements

In addition, the bullet speed of M24 is also higher than that of the Kar98k. It's 790m/s in M24 and 760m/s in Kar98k. Due to the higher bullet speed, the bullet drop of M24 is also smaller because the bullets fly faster.

M24 is more powerful with higher base damage and bullet speed

Reloading Speed

Without attachments, the reload duration of Kar98k is 2.4s for each bullet and 3.2s for two bullets. It also increases to 3.9s for 3 bullets, 4.6s for 4 bullets, and 3.9s for the full magazine. However, the M24 only takes 1.8s for single bullets from 1st to 4th and 4.1s for the whole magazine. With attachments, the reload duration of M24 is still lower.

Kar98k has a longer reload duration than M24

Rate Of Fire And Ammo Capacity

The firing rate of these two bolt-action SRs is not very different. But the M24 shoots faster than Kar98k by 0.01s. It means the delay time between two bullets in M24 is a little bit shorter.

Kar98k With 4x Scope
Kar98k With 4x Scope

The ammo capacity of both M24 and Kar98k is 5 bullets per load. However, Ka98k doesn't have any mag slot while the M24 supports a mag. Therefore, it can be extended to 7 bullets per load in M24.

Hip-fire Accuracy

Kar98k is more accurate in hip-fire than M24. Moreover, the flash and sound of these two weapons are pretty similar. Both of them are visible and audible within their effective ranges.