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PUBG Mobile Armory List

The armory list in PUBG Mobile includes many weapon categories.

Melee Weapons And Pistols

There are four melee weapons in PUBG Mobile, including Machete, Crowbar, Sickle, and Pan. These weapons are often underestimated because they are hard to use. Moreover, you need to get close to the enemy to hit. However, it's very risky if the enemy has a gun. It's only used more often at the beginning of the match when you cannot loot any gun or in the Custom Room.

Pubg Mobile Pan
The pan is one of the most favorite melee weapons in PUBG Mobile

The pistol is also a short-range weapon category. It includes P92, P1911, R1895, R45, Sawed-Off, Skorpion, Desert Eagle, and  Flare Gun. Among them, the Flare Gun is the only weapon that you cannot use to kill enemies. However, you can use it to call the supply crate. You can use this flare gun to get better weapons like ARs, SR king, Shotgun king, and more.

Skorpion seems to be the most favorite pistol because it's the only pistol with full-auto fire to spray bullets.

These pistols use different kinds of ammo, from 12-gauge ammo, 45mm, 9mm, and 7.62mm ammo. However, pistols are only effective in close-range combat and you need to headshot exactly to win combat. The tip to win with a shotgun is tapping quickly. Skorpion seems to be the most favorite pistol because it's the only pistol with full-auto fire to spray bullets.

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)

M249 and PD-28 are the two only LMGs in this game. The common features of LMGs in PUBG Mobile are the high rate of fire, large ammo capacity without mag slot, and massive power in close and mid-range combat. This PUBG Mobile weapon armory includes the two rarest guns. M249 is only spawned in the airdrop and DP-28 is only spawned in some maps.

M249 is a beast gun with a high rate of fire, large ammo capacity, and massive power in close and mid-range combat.

Both of these guns have a bipod so that you can shoot with lower recoil when you are prone. The ammo capacity of M249 is up to 100 and it's 47 in DP-28 but you don't need to attach any mag to this gun. However, the reload duration of these guns is also long, so you need a lot of time to reload ammo.

Dp 28 Is Spawn In A Few Map
DP-28 Is Only Spawn In 2 Maps, Including Erangel And Livik.


This weapon category includes four weapons, namely S686, S1897, S12K, and DBS. These shotguns are very powerful in close-range combat. All of them use 12-gauge ammo which can take down an enemy in one exact shot. Among these shotguns, DBS is the most powerful shotguns with the greatest ammo capacity. Moreover, this shotgun is only spawned in the airdrop.

Bds Shotgun
DBS is the most powerful shotguns with the greatest ammo capacity and highest damage

This weapon category is the favorite choice of pro players for one-shot one-kill in close combat.

Submachine Guns (SMGs)

SMG is the most popular weapon category in PUBG mobile armory 2020. It includes many weapons with new features and new exclusive guns in recent updates. Two of them, Thompson SMG and UMP45, use 45mm ammo and the rest of them use 9mm ammo. Here are some updates in this weapon armory in recent updates.

P90 is the newest exclusive SMG on the map Livik with a great ammo capacity of 50 bullets per load.
  • Bizon and MP5K are 2 exclusive guns in Vikendi that use 9mm ammo.
  • P90 is the newest exclusive gun on the map Livik with a great ammo capacity of 50 but it doesn't need a mag.
  • Thompson has a newly-added scope slot for red dot or holographic scope. It makes the gun more powerful and easy to aim and shoot.

Sniper Rifles (SRs)

This weapon armory includes two categories:

  • Bolt-action SRs: Kar98k, M24, AWM, and Win94.
  • Automatic SRs: VSS, SKS, Mini-14, Mk14, SLR, QBU, and Mk12.
  • Mk12 is a new exclusive automatic SRs in PUBG Mobile. It replaces Mini-14 and QBU in this new map.
AWM is the king of SRs in PUBG Mobile

These weapons are the best options for long-range combat. AWM and Mk14 are the two most powerful weapons in this armory. Moreover, SKS, Mini-14, Mk14, SLR, QBU, and Mk12 are also Designed Marksman Rifles (DMR) which can deal with both medium and long-range combat.

Assault Rifles (ARs)

It must be the most favorite weapon category which is powerful, versatile, and popular. It's also diverse, so you have a lot of options to choose from. There are two groups of AR guns:

  • 5.56mm guns: M14A4, M416, SCAR-L, QBZ, G36C, and AUG A3.
  • 7.62mm guns: AKM, Beryl M762, Mk47, and Groza.
  • AUG A3 and Groza are tow beast ARs that are only spawned in the airdrop.

Armory In PUBG Mobile New Update

Here are some updates to the weapon armory in this game:

  • Mk12 and P90 are the two latest guns in the PUBG Mobile armory. They are also exclusive guns on the map Livik.
  • The new Thompson gun can attach a red dot or holographic.
  • The PUBG Mobile armory location can be checked in the weapon inventory from the game lobby.
Mk12 is one of two new exclusive weapons in PUBG Mobile
  • You get many weapon skins and upgrade some of them to get extra effects. The new gun skins are updates every season and event.
  • The game developers sometimes make changes in the damage, effective range, and the bullet-drop feature to many guns in some updates.
  • Some weapons only spawned in the airdrop are AWM, Groza, AUG A3, Mk14, and DBS. They are also the king of each weapon category. For example, AWM is the king of SRs.
Weapon Armory
Check out the list of PUBG Mobile weapons in the inventory

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