PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 is the upgraded version of Payload mode with some improvements and changes. Here are some tips and tricks you should pocket and use to master this game mode. Check them out here with

Must-know Tips And Tricks In PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0

Check out tips and tricks you must know to master this remastered game mode.

  • Pick up weapons and military vets and helmet after landing on the playground. Then, pick up a superweapon like a missile launcher.
  • Find a house with a sealed window and enter the building. There is a special room with an iron door. You cannot destroy the iron door with normal gears like guns or frag grenades. Then, use the RPG-7 Rocket Launcher, M134 Mini-gun, or grenade launcher to break the door.
Find This Special Building With A Sealed Window
Find This Special Building With A Sealed Window
  • Loot the armors and gear in the secret room.
  • Loot a UAV control terminal to call a combat drone with missile attacks.
  • Use the Portable Radar to see the movement of nearby vehicles if any.
  • Pick up the armed helicopter to move faster and check out the surrounding area. However, jump out of the copper when hearing the alert alarm because your vehicle is chased by a tracking missile.
Armed Helicopter
Pick up an Armed Helicopter
  • If another team has picked up the helicopter before you, get an armed pickup. These cars are armed with a machine gun to fire the copper or other vehicles. Or else, pick up an or armed UAZ with Flamethrower. Moreover, the armed UAZ also has a floater, so it can be used as a boat.
  • Super Weapon Crate will be available after a certain time. If you need high-standard gears, head to the marked spots of these crates, or camp around to kill some enemies.
The Armed Uaz Can Move On The Water
The Armed UAZ Can Move On The Water
  • Move on the water or air to cross the bridge safely or the portable radar can spot you.
  • The base must be one of the hottest drop locations because it has the AH6 Helicopter and Super Weapon Crate. Therefore, if you get there to wait for the crate to open, other players can surround you. You can use a vehicle to block the entrance to the base to get more time to loot. Moreover, use the radar to spot the enemies' vehicles.
Heres The Base In Pubg Mobile Payload 2 0
Here's The Base In Pubg Mobile Payload 2.0
  • Pick up the teammate's ID card within a certain time to call them back when they are killed at the communication tower.
  • Have you picked up the UAV control terminal in the secret room? If you have got it already, use it to call the UAZ when the Plane comes to drop the Airdrop because the noise of it is a perfect cover so that the enemy will not spot your location.
Use The Radar To Check The Vehicles Around
Use The Radar To Check The Vehicles Around
  • Pick up the bomb suit to avoid getting knocked by bomb and missile.