In PUBG Mobile, movement and reflex are two important skills that you should master. Here are the top mechanisms that you must know to move and reflex as a pro player in this game.

Pro Movement And Reflex Mechanisms

These movements and reflexes may save you in some situations.

  • Bunny Hopping

This is a pro movement tip in this shooting game. But you should use it in certain situations. For example, the Bunny Hopping movement helps you climb up the hill faster. You can do this movement mechanism to dodge bullets when the enemies are firing at you. It makes you be a difficult target for them. Moreover, it also increases your moving speed so that you can surprise the enemy. All you need to do is timing to tap the jumping button.

Bunny Hopping
Bunny Hopping increases your speed
  • Jiggle Peek

If the opponent is firing at you and you have a big tree or rock to cover, use jiggle peek to surprise the enemy. It makes him confused on which side you would peek. The trick is peeking randomly to the left or right. This trick also works when you are hiding behind a vehicle or wooden crates on the map.

Peeking Shot
Jiggle peek and shoot to surprise your enemy
  • Prone Jumping

It's also the hardest skill of movement in PUBG Mobile. To do this jump, you need to go to the basic setting and scroll down to the Jump/Climb option and choose to Separate. Then, tap on the Jump and Prone at the same time. This movement skill helps you get out of the house quickly and surprise enemies to avoid getting headshots. To do this trick successfully, you need to practice timing and tapping the two buttons quickly at the same time.

Prone Jump
Prone Jump is a hard skill to move out of a house quickly
  • Crouch Jumping

It's pretty similar to the previous skill - Prone Jumping. You also have to tap on the crouch and jump buttons at the same time. Timing skill is the key to do it successfully. It also helps you enter or get out of a building quickly through the windows.

Crouch Jump
You can also practice and use Crouch Jump instead.
  • Jiggle Movement

It's one of the most useful and popular movement tips in PUBG Mobile. It works best in close-range combat and helps you do a clutch easily. You need to drag the joystick to move left and right to confuse enemies and avoid bullets. However, your crosshair is still placed in the target.

Jiggle Movement
Jiggle Movement will confuse the enemy
  • Jump Shot

It's one of the best ways to surprise your enemy in close-quarter combat. You can do it when you know the position of the enemy. Run to him and jump to shoot at the same time. Or else, when you suddenly encounter an enemy hiding behind a corner or a shelter. Jump to avoid headshot and shoot down to headshot. It's a great reflexing tip in this game.

Jump Shot
Jump Shot is a pro tip to reflex and avoid bullets
  • Drop shot

Another pro tip to reflex in this game is drop shot. To drop shot, you tap on the prone button and shoot at unusually time to surprise the enemy. Most of the time, PUBG Mobile players will keep their crosshair high to reflex and headshot. Therefore, a drop shot will help you avoid getting hits. In addition, use this skill when you need to reload. When you use some close-range weapons like UZI or Vector which have a high rate of fire and often run out of bullets quickly, you should use this reflex skill.

Drop Shot
Drop Shot help you surprise enemies and reload bullets if needed
  • Monster Movement

It looks pretty crazy but Monster movement can help you dodge the hits. To do this trick, you need to move your left screen and the joystick right and left at the same time. But you need to drag the joystick to the printing button first. This is an effective movement tip to avoid getting shot in long-range combat.