Mk14 is the most powerful Designed Marksman Rifle which can also be used as an AR in PUBG Mobile. Here are things you need to know about it as well as some tips to master this OP weapon. Check it out with

All About Mk14 In PUBG Mobile

Mk14 is a powerful weapon in the DMR category. However, it's pretty different from the rest of the DMR guns in this game.

Statistics, Location, And Details

Mk14 is spawned in the airdrop in all five maps of this game. The spawning rate of it is in the middle. Therefore, you can often get this gun from the airdrop. It uses 7.62mm ammo which can be obtained throughout the maps.

Mk14 In The Airdrop
You Can Find An Mk14 In The Airdrop

This gun is one of the best weapons in PUBG Mobile with very high base damage.

Mk14 Statistics
Mk14 Statistics

Its base damage to the body with no vest is up to 62 points and headshot damage to an enemy without a helmet reaches 140 points. This gun also has a super high damage per second, which is up to 678 points, enough to do a clutch.

Mk14 Has Great Damage
Mk14 Has Great Damage

Besides, it has a very high rate of fire (0.09s). In one second, Mk14 can release 11 bullets in the full-auto fire. The bullet speed also reaches 853m/s. The high firing rate and bullet velocity make Mk14 one of the hardest guns to control. Its vertical recoil may make you shoot inaccurately.

Tips To Master Mk14

You will become a hunter with this OP in your hand. But first of all, you should know how to handle and master this gun.

  • Attach a compensator to reduce the gun recoil of Mk14.
  • Use an extended quickdraw mag to decrease the reload duration and increase the ammo capacity. With an extended mag, the ammo capacity is expanded from 10 to 20 which is enough to clutch a couple of enemies.
Switch To Red Dot For Close Combat
Switch To Red Dot For Close Combat
  • Always have a red dot or 2x scope to switch in short-range combat and a 6x or 8x scope for long-range combat. Or else, you can hip fire if the enemy is too close to you.
  • Turn on Full-auto fire to spray bullets in close-range combat. Switch to single tap fire in medium and long-range combat.
Use An 8x Scope
Use An 8x Scope To Deal With Long-Range Enemies
  • Prone to shoot in mid and long-range fights to reduce verticle recoil.
  • Use an M416, Micro UZI, or M249 as the secondary weapon to switch weapon quickly when Mk14 runs out of bullets and you don't have time to reload.