PUBG Mobile DMR is a popular and useful weapon category for long-range combat. Mini-14 and SLR are the two most popular and favorite DMRs in this game. But which one is better and more suitable for you? Let's compare and pick up a better weapon to win in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile SLR Vs Mini-14

These marksman rifles are very powerful similar to some extent. However, they have many significant differences that you should take into consideration when choosing a gun to use.

Capacity And Reload Duration

In terms of capacity, Mini-14 wins because it can hold 20 to 30 bullets with an extended mag. Meanwhile, the ammo capacity of SLR is only 10 to 20 bullets when you attach an extended mag. Especially, you can use either AR mag or SR mag for these weapons. Therefore, both these rifles are pretty versatile.

Pubg Mobile Slr
SLR is a powerful DMR in PUBG Mobile which uses 7.62mm ammo

Moreover, both SLR and Mini-14 has a reload duration of 2.5s without a quick-draw mag.

Recoil And Firing Speed

Mini-14 is more balanced and stable than SLR. It's because SLR has a better rate of fire. The time between two consecutive shots in SLR is 0.1s while it's 0.1333s. Although the gap is not large, it also makes the SLR's recoil higher.

Pubg Mobile Mini 14
Mini-14 is a favorite DMR of many players due to its balance and stability

In addition, Mini-14 has the highest initial bullet speed in the DMR category which can reach up to 990m/s. Meanwhile, the initial bullet speed of SLR is 840m/s. However, in long-range combat, the bullet speed of Mini-14 drops greatly. In th distance of 1000m, the bullet speed of Mini-14 drops to 295m/s while it's 320m/s in SLR. Hence, SLR has a longer effective range.


Mini-14 uses 5.56mm bullets while SLR uses 7.62mm bullets which has higher bullet penetration. Moreover, SLR has a better rate of fire. Therefore, the base damage of SLR is pretty higher. You can knock out an enemy in medium-range combat in only 2 headshots.


As Mini-14 is more stable, you don't need to attach a compensator to it. Instead, pro players often use a flash hider or suppressor to hide veil their position. But SLR is a little bit hard to control, so you will need a compensator to shoot better in long-range combat.

Mini 14 Attachments
Mini-14 Attachments

Besides, you need an extended quick-draw mag (either AR or SR) and a long-range scope for both of these DMRs. A 6x scope will be the best choice for both medium and long-range combat. Moreover, use a cheek pad to reduce the gun recoil for SLR.

Slr Attachments
SLR Attachments