PUBG Mobile ban message may make you surprised or confused if you are not a hacker. So, what you can do with it? Here are things you need to know about the ban message in PUBG Mobile. Check it out with

What Is Ban Message In PUBG Mobile?

The ban message notifies players that their accounts are banned for 10 years or a limited time. The message also clarifies the reason why you get this ban. Most of the time, PUBG Mobile players get a ban because they have violated the rules of this game, such as using hack tools or cheating.

Pubg Mobile Ban Message
The ban message in PUBG Mobile notifies players that their accounts are banned for 10 years or a limited time.

Other players can report you due to many reasons, such as cheating, downloading and using third-party applications, or trying to kill your teammates many times. Or else, if you AFK (Away From Keyboard) continuously. When the game developers detect these violations and receiving reports, the system will send you a ban message and block your account.

Reason For Pubg Mobile Ban
You can be banned due to many reasons, such as cheating, using third-party applications, using bad language, or teamkilling.

If you receive the ban message from PUBG Mobile, then you cannot log in and play as normal. The punishment for each mistake is not the same. For example, if you violate the AFK mistake, you win be banned for 24 hours. If you use a third-party app or cheat tool to play the game, your account will be blocked for 10 years.

Why You Get A Message Ban In PUBG Mobile?

As mentioned, you will be banned and lose your account if you violate the rule of the game. So, which actions are banned in this game? Check it out below:

Pubg Mobile Issues
There are many actions that are not allowed in PUBG Mobile.


It's the most popular reason why PUBG Mobile players get a ban. When you use a third-party app, such as the APK Mod app to play and get unlimited resources for free, you will be banned. Many players often use these apps to get free UC, skins, and silver fragments, etc. Besides, a lot of cheaters use hack tools to get unfair advantages while playing the game to win. There are many types of cheating in PUBG Mobile, including four main groups:

Pubg Mobile Anti Cheat
Cheating is not allowed in PUBG Mobile and cheaters will be removed from the game to guarantee a fair game environment.
  • Invisible kill: wallhack, bullet cheat, wall-banging, recoil, and aimbot.
  • Speed hack: movement speed, vehicle speed, and parachute speed.
  • Unrealistic: high jump and flying vehicle.
  • Teamers.


AKF or away from keyboards is another reason for the ban. Many players are often AFK after entering the match. Then, he causes his team to lose the game because they have to play with a smaller squad. This often occurs in duo and squad mode. Although your teammates do not report you, the system will still send you a ban message when spotting you AFK for many times.

Afk In Pubg Mobile
Players can also be banned when they go AFK too many times in PUBG Mobile

It often happens because you play with a bad internet connection and high ping. Then, you are often kicked out of the game and cannot enter the match again. If you try to match again and again but cannot play, you will be banned for 24 hours or more. If your internet connection is bad and you cannot play the game as normal, just put your phone down and come back when you get a good internet connection later.


Teamkilling is also a serious mistake in this game. When someone plays negatively and try to kill his teammate, his merit points will be deducted. Each time you kill a teammate, either by accident or on purpose, you will lose 15 merit points. If the merit point falls down to zero, your account will be contemporarily blocked. During the ban, you cannot team up with other players.

Teamkilling Ban
Teamkilling is also a serious mistake in this game. The teammate killer will get a ban if he is reported.

More seriously, if the teammate you killed report you, your account will be banned. Unlike in PUBG, PUBG Mobile players cannot kill their teammates by shooting. Instead, your teammate can kill you with a frag grenade or Molotov.

Other Issues

PUBG Mobile players can also be banned if they use improper language to insult other players. Besides, you can report the player exploiting bugs to play. The players who play abnormally can also be reported and banned. There are many other reasons for a ban for players in PUBG Mobile. So, you should play fairly and normally as well as obey the regulations of the game.

Pubg Mobile 10 Year Ban
There are many other reasons for a ban for players in PUBG Mobile, such as language abuse or bug exploiting.

How To Unban A Wrongly-Banned Account?

If you get a wrong ban from the game, you can contact the Customer Service Team and submit your issue. Follow these steps to send an email to the service team and get your account back legally.

  • Open the Email to compose an email to
  • Describe the issue and explain why you got a wrong ban.
  • Include your account name and ID to let them check the report and gameplay.
  • Send the email.

After sending the email, you need to wait for the customer service team. They will check your issue and send you an email notifying that your issue is solved or not. If you use hack tools and cheat when playing the game, it won't work. Moreover, your application is also banned. Therefore, you have to create a new account and start to play and push rank from the beginning.

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Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile ban message and the solution to the wrong ban. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.