PUBG Mobile has many exclusive weapons that only appear in certain maps. G36C is an exclusive assault rifle in Vikendi, the snowy map in this game. It's also one of two main 5.56 ARs to spray bullets on this map. But which one is better? Check out this comparison and pick up a suitable gun for you.

G36C Vs M416 In PUBG Mobile Vikendi

The famous PUBG streamer Shroud commented that G36C was the best AR in this game. Why did he praise this gun? Check out some details of this weapon as well as compare it with the legendary gun M416 here.

G36c Vikendi
G36C is an exclusive AR in PUBG Mobile Vikendi


With a red dot, G36C goes up a little bit faster than M416. It means the vertical recoil of this gun is slightly higher than that of M416. However, the horizontal recoil of this exclusive gun is smaller than the M416. It's also more stable than M416. It will be the same when you use other scopes. The bullet spread of M416 is a bit larger.

G36c Is A Little Bit More Stable
G36C Is A Little Bit More Stable


Both of these guns use 5.56mm bullets. Therefore, they may deal with the same damage. But in fact, G36C's damage is slightly higher. It can be seen easily when you test these guns in the training room. If you burst a buggy in a single firing mode, the M426 destroys this vehicle with a full mag of 40 bullets while G36C destroys it with 39 bullets.

G36c Power
M416 needs 40 bullets to burst a Buggy
G36c Needs 39 Bullets
G36C Needs 39 Bullets

Reload Duration

With a quick-draw mag, the exclusive AR G36C needs 2s to reload while the M416 needs around 1.5s. So, M416 needs less time to reload. It makes the legendary gun M416 a more favorite gun because you can reflect and kill enemies more quickly in a 1v1 close combat.

Reload Duration Of M416 Is Shorter
The Reload Duration Of M416 Is Shorter


Without a suppressor, both of these guns are pretty noisy. When you attach a suppressor to them, M416 seems to be quieter than G36C. So, it's pretty more versatile because you can use it as a medium-range semi-sniper gun.

G36c Is Noisier
G36C Is Noisier

Rate Of Fire

In terms of the firing rate, G36C wins because its rate of fire is a bit higher. That's why these two guns use the same bullets but the G36C is a bit more powerful.