PUBG Mobile Mk12 is an exclusive marksman rifle on the map Livik. Many players still underestimated this new gun due to some reasons although it's very powerful. So, check out this completed guide on how to master this new weapon and get Chicken Dinner easily.

PUBG Mobile Mk12 Completed Guide

Mk12 can be a deadly gun if you know how to use it. This DMR has some similarities to the most favorite marksman rifle Mini-14 but it still has some differences. So, it's a really interesting machine gun. Mk12 is said to be the combination of Mk14 and QBU.

Mk12 Is The Exclusive Weapon On The Map Livik
Mk12 Is The Exclusive Weapon On The Map Livik

Firstly, you can attach a lower rail attachment. Verticle grip can be an ideal choice to reduce the verticle recoil of this DMR. Then, you can lie on a high place and shoot down enemies accurately. However, the best grip for this gun is a half grip that makes it more balanced. Light grip and angled grip are highly recommended for Mk12.

Use A Grip To Make The Gun More Balanced
Use A Grip To Make The Gun More Balanced And Stable

Besides, Mk12 has a little bit higher base damage than Mini-14. Its base damage is 47. Therefore, you can use to deal with all ranges of combat to eliminate the enemy in a few shots. In addition, this gun has a pretty high rate of fire. Therefore, you had better use a compensator instead of other muzzles to reduce the gun recoil. A pro tip to reduce the gun recoil and shoot more accurately is shooting in the prone or crouching pose.

Attach A 8x Scope To Deal With Long Range Enemies
Attach A 8x Scope To Deal With Long-Range Enemies

Mk12 is the best DMR on the map Livik because it's most effective in mid-range combat. In this range, Mk12 has the lowest recoil among all DMRs on this map. You just need to tap and kill enemies in a few shots, especially when the target doesn't move horizontally.

Get Chicken Dinner With Mk12
Get Chicken Dinner With Mk12

A 3x scope is the best choice for this mid-range weapon. But you can also loot a 6x scope for long-range combat and adjust it to 3x in mid-range fights. Or else, a 4x scope will make this gun a deadly weapon in mid-range fights with moving targets.