PUBG Mobile AKM is one of the most powerful and popular assault rifles. It is one of three main 7.76m ARs in this game besides Beryl M762 and Groza. Here are things and some tips to master this gun. Check it out with

PUBG Mobile AKM Details

AKM uses 7.62mm ammo which has a great bullet penetration rate. Therefore, the base damage of this gun is also higher than SMG and other AR categories. Its average damage even reaches 49 hit points. Therefore, you can take down an enemy in only 2 or 3 headshots. Moreover, this gun has a very high rate of fire. The initial bullet speed is 715 m/s and the time between two shots is only 0.1s.

Pubg Mobile Akm
AKM is one of the most popular and powerful ARs in PUBG Mobile

Due to the high firing rate, this gun has a super huge recoil, making it one of the hardest guns to control. The zeroing distance of AKM is 100-1000m. Thus, this gun is designed for medium-range combat. You cannot use it to cause damage to the target over 1000m away from you.

Akm Is A Favorite Gun Of Pro Players
AKM Is A Favorite Gun Of Pro Players

Moreover, its ammo capacity is 30 without an extended mag and 40 with an extended mag. But you should find an extended quick-draw to reduce the reload duration from 2.9s to 1.5s. The best muzzle for AKM should be a compensator that helps reduce the huge recoil of this weapon. The best scope for this gun in close-range combat is a red dot. If the enemies are about 50m away from you, use a 2x scope. In addition, a 4x scope is the best choice for medium-range combat.

Akm 6x Scope
AKM + 6x Scope - A Combo Of PUBG Mobile Pro Players

This gun is also one of the most popular AR in PUBG Mobile. It's spawned in all five maps, including Livik, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. It's also a favorite weapon of pro players who can control this gun well and eliminate all enemies. The attachment combo that pro players often use includes a silencer and a 6x scope. If you can hardly control the gun recoil of this gun, you should use a compensator.